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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on transport and communication

Sea routes , ocean trade routes or ocean routes and reasons why major ocean routes are concentrated in the northern hemisphere

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Answer Text:
Ocean/ sea Routes/ Ocean Trade routes.
- Are well marked routes through which Ocean traffic passes. They are also called ocean trading routes because they have come about as a result of trading activities among various regions.
- Major ocean routes are concentrated in the
northern hemisphere due to the following:
-High degree of industrialization.
-Intensive trading activities.
- High population.
- Availability of ocean terminals in developed countries of Europe, N. America and parts of Asia.
World major Sea Routes
1. Panama Canal Sea Route- connects Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
2. Cape of Good Hope Sea Route- serves eastern and western coasts of Asia, New Zealand and Australia.
3. North Pacific Sea Route- serves industrialised countries of Asia e.g. Japan,
Singapore, Hong Kong, S. Korea and W.N. America.
4. N. Atlantic Sea Route- connects W. Europe to E.N. America.
5. Mediterranean Asiatic Sea Route- connects Europe to Africa and the Far East countries.
6. Trans-Atlantic sea Route- connects Europe to E.S. America.