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 Form 2 CRE online lessons on some works and teachings of Jesus

The raising of Jairus' daughter:
When Jesus returned to Galilee from Gerasa the crowd welcomed him for they were waiting for him. And there came a man named Jairus who was a ruler of the synagogue and fell at Jesus feet and told him to go to his house for his only daughter of twelve years old was dying.
On the way to Jairus’ house he was followed by a large crowd. Before they reached the house, a man from the ruler’s house brought a report that the daughter had died so not to trouble Jesus anymore.
When Jesus heard this, he answered by saying not to fear but to believe and she will be well.
He came to Jairus house and permitted no one to enter the house except Peter, John, James and the parents of the child. All were weeping but told them not to weep for she was not dead but asleep.
He took her hand and said “child arise” and her spirit returned and she arose. He directed that something be given to her to eat. He
charged them not to tell anyone.

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