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 Form 2 CRE online lessons on some works and teachings of Jesus

The mighty works of Jesus:
The life of and teaching of Jesus Christ had a lot of extra-ordinary happenings. E.g
-Bringing people back to life.
-Healing the sick
-Multiplication of loaves
-Casting out demons.
All these extra-ordinary happenings are referred to as miracles. Luke refers to them as the mighty works of Jesus. A miracle therefore is a happening that looks impossible according to ordinary forces of nature. These extra-ordinary happenings were used by Jesus to demonstrate the presence of God among people.
They are grouped into;
(i) The nature miracles e.g. the calming of the storm.
(ii) The raising of the dead e.g. the raising of Jairus daughter.
(iii) The healing miracles e.g. the healing of the Centurion officer’s servant.
(iv) The casting out of demons e.g. the casting of demons at Capernaum.

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