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 Form 2 CRE online lessons on some works and teachings of Jesus

The significance of the miracles of Jesus:
-Certain miracles showed that Jesus had the power over evil spirits e.g. the casting out of demons at Capernaum.
-Some miracles were performed out of compassion e.g. the raising of the widow’s son at Nain, the feeding of the five thousand. -Jesus at times performed miracles to meet the temporary needs of the people e.g. the feeding of the five thousand.
-Some demonstrated that Jesus had the power to forgive sins e.g. during the cure of the paralytic, Jesus told him that his sins are forgiven.
-The miracles also showed that Jesus had power over nature e.g. during the calming of the storm.
-Some of his listeners had their faith strengthened through Jesus’ miracles e.g. after the healing of the paralytic, those who saw the
miracle went home glorifying God.(Lk.5:26)....

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