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 Form 2 CRE online lessons on some works and teachings of Jesus

The parable of the sower

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Answer Text:
The parable of the sower.
The crowd had come to Jesus to listen to him as he was preaching the gospel. He told them of the story of a sower who went to sow seeds. The mostly common method used in Palestine was broadcasting method. The seeds fell on different types of soil. Some fell along the foot path, they were stepped on and eaten up by birds. Some fell on rocky ground, sprouted but dried soon after because the soil did not have adequate moisture. There are some seeds that fell on bushes or thistles and grew for a while but soon got chocked. However there are those that fell on good soil, grew into
healthy plants and at the end gave a good harvest. In this story the farmer (sower) represents Jesus, the seeds represent the good news and the soil represents the different types of people who hear the word and their different responses.
The disciples failed to understand the meaning of this parable and Jesus explained the meaning.
(i) The seeds that fell on the footpath represent people who hear the message but do not safeguard it, the devil comes in their lives and takes the message away.
(ii) The seeds that fell on rocky ground represent
those who receive the message gladly, but when faced with temptation, they abandon it because of their shallow faith.
(iii) The seeds that fell on bushes represent people who hear the word of God, they become believers for some time, they mix
their faith with worries, riches and pleasures of the world hence interfering with their faith.
(iv) The seeds that fell on good soil represent people who hear God’s word, believe in it and live according to its teachings. When
temptations come, they are able to resist.