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 Form 2 CRE online lessons on some works and teachings of Jesus

Significance of the healing of the centurion servant

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Answer Text:
-The miracle demonstrates the importance of faith. The centurion officer had faith that even Jesus’ words would make the servant well therefore Christians need to have faith in Christ.
-The centurion officer was a non-Jew. This showed that salvation was not only for the Jews but also for the gentiles. Jesus was a universal savior.
-Christians should know that Jesus had the power to heal all form of illnesses.
-The centurion had a great love for his servant. This is a challenge to Christians to show love even to their juniors. Employers should
therefore treat their employees with love.
-The centurion officer was a senior person in the roman government but had a lot of respect for God. Likewise senior people in the society should trust and respect God.
-Christians should not discriminate against others just as Jesus did not
discriminate against the centurion officer.
-Christians should not be afraid to ask God to help despite their weakness.
-The miracle also teaches on the importance of humility. Despite being a senior person in the army, he decided to humble himself before God. Christians should likewise be humble before God.