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 Social, Economic and Political Organisation of Kenyan Societies in the 19th C

Social organization of the Borana.
The society was divided into clans led by elders whose responsibility was to settle disputes and maintaining law and order. The Borana were nomadic. But they had a residential section called the
camp that consisted of a few huts of related families. The Borana had a complex ageset structure called Gada. The community had two kinship groups that practiced exogamous marriage. The family among the borana was headed by a man referred to as Abba warra with the wife as the female head of the household
(Hatimana). There was division of labour in the society. The men defended the camps, wells, herds and shrines. The women performed household duties. The borana worshipped a powerful God, the creator whom they called Wak (waq). He was worshipped through religious leaders. They had a patrilineal
society where inheritance was from the father to the son

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