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 Social, Economic and Political Organisation of Kenyan Societies in the 19th C

Political organization of the Maasai
The largest political unit amongst Maasai was the tribal section. Before a Maasai young man became an adult, he underwent the following four stages.
1. Boyhood (ilaiyak)
The youths at this stage looked after family and clan livestock until they reached circumcision stage at about 15 years.
2. Warrior hood (Ilmuran) The stage was joined by young men circumcised together and comprised of ages between 18 and 25 years.
3. Junior elders. This was the political authority that evaluated the day to day issues of the community.
4. The senior elders They comprise the senior most age-set. Membership was determined by age and experience. The Maasai adopted the institution of Oloibon or prophet that combined socio-religious functions and later own assumed political authority. The Eunoto ceremony marked the graduation of the Morans into junior elders. This ceremony is still practiced up to date.

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