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 Social, Economic and Political Organisation of Kenyan Societies in the 19th C

Social organization of the Mijikenda
The Mijikenda were organized in clans comprising of related families.
-The Mijikenda practiced circumcision. Only boys circumcised. Circumcision marked an entry into an age set whose functions included building huts and advising junior age-sets
-They believed in the existence of a supernatural power that controlled their destiny. They called their God Mulungu.
-The Mijikenda worshipped ancestral spirits. Prophets among the Mijikenda were called wafisi.
-Marriage among the Mijikenda was exogamous (no one was allowed to marry from their clan).
-There was division of labour among the Mijikenda. Children looked after livestock, young men built
houses, cattle sheds, hunted and cleared bushes for cultivation..

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