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 Social, Economic and Political Organisation of Kenyan Societies in the 19th C

Social organization of the Akamba
- Like other Bantus, the Akamba were organized into clans whose members claimed common descent.
-The Akamba practiced polygamous marriages. However their tradition allowed the adoption of an outsider into a clan.
-Wrongdoers among the Akamba were banished from the community if they refused to compensate for the wrong did.
-At puberty, both men and women were allowed to marry and bear children.
-The Akamba believed in the existence of a creator called Ngai or Mulungu whom they prayed to through ancestral spirits.
-The Akamba had ritual experts who included medicine people that guided them in their rituals.
-Shrines also existed where offerings and sacrifices were made by the elders called Atumia ma ithembo

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