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 Form 2 Geography Lessons on Climate

In this lesson we are going to discuss the consequences of Climate Change

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Answer Text:
Consequences of Climate
1. Global warming due to
greenhouse effect by gases
added in to the atmosphere
and destruction of ozone
2. Increased rainfall in some
places as a result of high
temperatures causing high
rates of evaporation causing
wet areas to become wetter
and dry areas to become drier.
3. Effect on agriculture by
causing crop growing areas to
shift to cooler altitudes and
latitudes e.g. wheat growing
areas of Canada shifting to the
poles and causing dropping or
failure of crop yields in area
where temperatures have
4. Water shortage when
climate becomes drier causing
less water to infiltrate
underground and hence less
water to feed rivers.
5. Submergence of coastal
areas causing flooding when
Antarctic and Arctic glaciers
melt and water is added to the
6. Heat waves due to
increased temperature which
leads to death of people.
7. Receding and disappearance
of ice caps on mountains e.g.
Mt. Ruwenzori.
8. Abnormal growth of plants
due to increased amounts of
co2 causing increased rate of
photosynthesis which may
lead to increased yields of
major crops, poor soils due to
soils having to sustain high
rates of plant growth.
9. Increased levels of ultra
violet radiation which causes
human diseases such as skin
cancer, lowering crop
production by slowing
photosynthesis and
germination, lowering fish
population by damaging
plankton which fish eats and
degradation of paint and
Solution to Climate Change
• Afforestation and
• Use of energy saving stoves
to reduce the rate of
• Use of alternative sources of
energy which are
environmentally friendly e.g.
solar and water instead of
fossil fuels.
• Proper maintenance of
vehicle to reduce emissions
from their exhausts.
• Use of public transport to
reduce the amount of fossil
fuel used and hence the
amount of co2 added into the