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 Form 2 Geography Lessons on Climate

In this lesson we are going to discuss the effects of Aridity and Desertification

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Answer Text:
Effects of Aridity and
1. Infertile soils which support
little or no vegetation.
2. Low agricultural production
due to insufficient rainfall
leading to famine.
3. Shortage of water for
domestic and industrial use
which may also lead to
shutting down of many
4. Migration of people from
areas affected by aridity and
desertification leading to
population pressure and
eventually conflicts.
5. Destruction of vegetation
which exposes land to soil
6. Can lead to extinction of
some plants and animal
species causing loss of
Solutions to Aridity and
1. Afforestation and
reafforestation because trees
protect soil from erosion,
increase run off and release
moisture to the atmosphere
leading to increased rainfall.
2. Adopting soil conservation
measures such as terracing,
contour ploughing, planting
cover crops etc.
3. Rearing a number of
animals which is proportional
to the carrying capacity of
4. Irrigating dry lands.
5. Introduction of energy
saving stoves to reduce
demand for wood fuel which
will reduce deforestation.
6. Use of alternative sources
of energy which don’t pollute
the environment e.g. solar and
7. Introducing drought
resistant crops in the arid
8. Controlling
industrialization by setting
laws governing pollution.