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 Form 2 Geography Lessons on Climate

In this lesson we are going to discuss the warm climates of the world

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Answer Text:
Warm Climates
They border tropical climates
and they experience moderate
temperatures lower than of
tropical climates.
They are situated in the zone
of divergence of trade winds
and westerlies (subtropical
high pressure belt).
Subdivided into:
1. Warm temperate Western
2. Warm Temperate
Interior/continental Climate.
3. Warm temperate Eastern
marginal Climate.
4. Warm temperate Deserts.
Warm Temperate Western
- Also known as
Mediterranean Climate.
- Found on the western margin
or sides of continents in the
following areas.
(a) Southern Europe and N.
Africa in the lands bordering
Mediterranean Sea.
(b) S.W tip of Africa around
Cape Town.
(c) Central Chile in S
(d) S.W and S Australia.
• Hot summers with
temperatures of about 21◦c.
• Mild winters with
temperatures of about 10◦c.
• Characterised by hot and
cold local winds called Mistral
and Sirocco.
• There is high sunshine
duration and intensity in
• Experiences cyclonic rainfall
in winter when wisterlies are
• Rainfall decreases inland.
• Summers are dry due to
trade winds blowing offshore.
• There are distinct seasons
i.e. summer, autumn, winter
and spring.
Warm temperate Interior
Climate - Also called Steppe
It’s found in the interior of
continents in the following
areas (grasslands):
(a) Steppe Land of U.S.S.R.
(b) Veldt of S Africa.
(c) Prairie lands of Canada
and U.S.A.
(d) Pampas lands of
(e) Downs of Australia.
• Warm short temperatures
between 18-21◦c.
• Long winters with extremely
low temperatures due to
continentality which can fall
up to -20◦c.
• Precipitation is received all
the year round.
• Most rainfall is received in
summer and snow
precipitation in winter.
• Rainfall is moderate with
annual mean of 500mm.
• Summer rainfall is caused by
convection and depressions.
• There is high humidity in
Warm temperate Eastern
Margin climate
- Also known as China Type.
It’s experienced on the eastern
margins of continents in the
following areas.
(a) S.E China and S. Japan.
(b) S.E Australia.
(c) S and S.E states of U.S.A.
(d) S. America in S. Brazil,
Uruguay, E. Paraguay and
coast of Argentina.
• Hot summers with a mean
annual of about 26◦c.
• Mild to cool winters due to
marine influence and local
winds (4-13◦c).
• Receives rainfall throughout
the year (about
hurricanes and typhoons.
• Convectional rainfall is
common in summer.
• Rainfall is moderate between
760 and1500mm.
Warm Temperate Deserts
- Also known as Mid-Latitude
Desert climate
. It’s experienced in the
following areas:
1. Nevada and Utah states of
2. Pentagonia in S. America.
3. Gobi Desert extensive
desert area of southern
Mongolia and northern China
and the largest desert in Asia.
4. Turkey, Turkmenistan,
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
• High summer temperatures
• Cold winters as low as -7◦c.
• Very large diurnal and
annual ranges of temperature.
• Low and unreliable rainfall
due to great distance from the
sea about 250 mm annually.
• Most rainfall falls in late
winter or early spring