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 Form 2 Geography Lessons on Climate

In this lesson we are going to discuss on cold climates of the world

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Answer Text:
Cold Climates
- Also known as Polar Desert
Climates or Arctic and
Antarctic Climates.
- Found beyond Arctic Circle
i.e. 66 ½◦N and S of equator.
- Classified into Tundra and
Polar Climates.
Tundra Climate Areas:
(a) Coast of N. America
bordering Arctic Ocean.
(b) N part of America from
Alaska through Canada to
(c) From N coast of
Scandinavia to the N.E of
(d) Baffin Island.
• Short cool summers with
average temperatures of about
• Long cold winters (-29 - -
• Continuous days in winter and
summer for several days.
• Low annual precipitation of
about 250mm.
• Precipitation in form of rain
and snow in winter.
Polar Climate
- Experienced at the poles in the
interior of Iceland, Green land
and Antarctica.
Temperature is permanently
below freezing point.
There is permanent snow cover
and ice on the ground
Snow storms (blizzards) are
• Continuous winter nights and
summer days with exception of
equinox when sun rises above