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 Form 2 Geography Lessons on Climate

In this lesson we are going to discuss the local/micro climates

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Answer Text:
Local/Micro Climates
Climate experienced within a
small area which is slightly
different compared to the
general climate of the area.
It occurs on the immediate
surroundings and within some
phenomenon on the earth’s
Micro-climates can be found
in the following areas:
(a) Within and around a
• Experience low temperatures
due to trees preventing solar
insolation from reaching the
• Experiences high rainfall due
to high rates of
(a) Urban areas
• Higher temperatures due to
green house effect (situation
where atmospheric gases
absorb heat that is given off
by the earth (terrestrial
radiation) before its sent back
to space causing the
temperature of the lower
atmosphere to increase.
(b) Around man made lakes
• Experience high
convectional rainfall due to
high moisture content.
•Around natural lakes
experiences land breezes
which cause early morning
showers and sea breezes
which lower temperatures
during the hot season.