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 Form 2 Geography Lessons on Climate

In this lesson we are going to discuss the climatic regions of Kenya

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Answer Text:

Modified Equatorial Climate
- Experienced along the coast
and along the coast from
Somali-Tanzanian border and
L. Victoria basin regions
around the lake.
Along the Coast
• High temperatures
throughout the year mean
annual about 27◦c.
• Small mean annual range of
temperature about 4◦c.
• Hottest months are
December and January.
• Experiences rainfall
throughout the year/ no real
dry season.
• Double maxima rainfall
regime (2 rain seasons) in
May and October.
• High humidity due to high
temperature causing high rates
of evaporation and nearness to
the sea.
L. Victoria Basin
• Temperature is lower than
the truly equatorial climate
due to modifying influence of
the lake (mean annual range
between 22-26◦c).
• There are no real dry
• Heavy rainfall ranging from
• Double maxima rainfall
• Receives convectional type
of rainfall which falls mainly
in the afternoons.
• High relative humidity due
to high temperature and
nearness to the lake which is a
source of moisture.
Modified Tropical Climate
- Experienced in central
highlands E and W of R.
• Mean annual temperatures
averages between 17-24◦c.
• Lower warmer slopes and
cooler higher slopes due to
modification by altitude.
• Receives rainfall throughout
the year (1000-2000mm).
• Receives Orographic rainfall
caused by S.E Trade Winds.
• Double maxima rainfall
regime in eastern highlands
and single maximum in the W.
• Humidity is moderate.
Tropical Continental/desert
- Experienced in about ½ of
Kenya in most of N, N.E,
most of E and S Kenya.
• High temperatures
throughout the year with mean
between 22 and 27◦c.
• Generally dry with less than
500mm of unreliable rainfall.
• Large diurnal range of
• The skies are generally clear.
• Low humidity.
• Temperature has been
modified by relief in some
areas e.g. Voi-25◦c and
Garissa -28.5◦c.
Tropical Climate
- Experienced in Narok, S.
Taita and Kwale region.
• High temperatures (mean
annual temp-16.5◦c).
• Temperature is modified by
relief in some areas e.g. Loita,
Taita and Narok which has
made the place suitable for
human habitation.
• Generally low rainfall
• Rain falls in one season.
• A long dry season lasting up
to 6 months.
Tropical Northern Climate
- Experienced in a small area
in the N. W part of Kenya
bordering Uganda.
• High average temperatures.
• Temperatures are modified
in some places by altitude.
• Low mean annual rainfall of
about 850mm.
• Rain falls mainly in June and
• Experiences a long dry
season of up to 6 months.
Desert Climate
- Experienced in central
northern Kenya where there
are pure deserts such as
Chalbi, Karoli and Kaisut
• Temperatures are very high
throughout the year averaging
30◦c due to cloudless skies.
• Very low rainfall of less than
250mm per year.
• Characterised by diverging
or descending winds which
don’t bring any rain.
• Night temperatures are
extremely low.
• Humidity is low.
• Sandstorms are common occurrences.