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 Form 2 Geography Lessons on Climate

In this lesson we are going to discuss the mountain climates of the world

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Answer Text:
Mountain Climates
- Experienced on high
mountain ranges of the world.
1. Mt. Kenya (5199)
2. Mt. Ruwenzori (5109)
3. Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895)
4. Mt. Everest (8848)
5. Atlas mountains in Africa
6. Rockies of N. America
7. Alps of Europe
8. Himalayas in Asia
• Temperature decreases with
increasing altitude.
• Temperature ranges from
cool to cold.
• Experiences Orographic
• Rainfall increases with
altitude up to 3000mm and
starts to decrease because air
is cold and hence has poor
capacity to hold moisture.
• Windward slopes are wetter
than leeward slopes.
• Atmospheric pressure
decreases with increasing
• Local winds are common
and blow up the slope during
the day and down slope at
• In temperate regions slopes
facing the equator are warmer
than those facing the poles.
• Atlas mountains in Africa
• Rockies of N. America
• Alps of Europe
• Himalayas in Asia