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Grade 4 Agriculture Activities End of Term 2 Examination 2021

Class: Grade 4

Subject: Agriculture

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Grade 4 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary


1. a. Name the three types of soil (3 marks)

b. State two characteristics of clay soil (2 marks)

c. Name the type of soil suitable for farming (1 mark)

d. Outline 3 uses of soil (3 marks)

2. a. Give an example of a plant that can be grown in the following types of soil
i. Clay soil (1 mark)
ii. Sandy Soil ( 1 mark)
iii. Loam Soil (1 mark)
b. Describe any two methods used in watering seedlings (2 marks)

c. Explain the meaning of the term weed. (2 marks)

d. Why is mulching Important? (1 mark)

e. Below is demonstration of the ability of soil to hold water.
Name soil:
i. a (1 mark)
ii. b (1 mark)
iii. c (1mark)

3. a. You are provide with the following materials
i. old sack
ii. sewing thread
iii. dry grass
iv. buttons
v. hanging pole
Use the above materials and construct a scarecrow or model the scarecrow. (10 marks)

b. Show three uses of water in farming (3 marks)

c. Mention 3 tools that are used to prepare a seedbed (3 marks)

4. a. Differentiate between a seed and seedling (2 marks)

b. Explain the reason why we dry seeds before putting them in seedbed. (2 mark)

(TOTAL 40 marks)


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