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Class 7 English End of Term 2 Exams 2021

Class: Class 7

Subject: English

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 7 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary


Use an ordinary pencil only. Make sure that you have written on the answer sheet.
Read the passage below and fill in the gaps numbered 1 to 15 correctly

A cloud of apprehension ______ 1 ______ around the couple. Oluisudori does not turn as he had ______2 ______ earlier. After procrastrating for some time they find it ______3 ______. Mother and father ______4______ their home so as to consult ______5 ______friends. The wife to Oloisudori’s callous ______6______ to marry one of their daughters. The two girls go to the shop to ______7_____ their lunch ______8_______ by the manager, Maiso. On their return journey, they ______9______ attacked _______10______ two rude ______11______ men. They ______12______ one of the two accosters was responsible ______13_____ the earlier ambush. The two young men are ______14 _______for they are in possession______15________knobkerries.

1. A. hang      B. hangs      C. hanged      D.hanging
2. A. promised       B. promise       C.promissing       D. prompt
3. A. believing       B. conditional       C. unbearable       D. new
4. A. leaves       B.leaving        C. leave        D.come
5. A. there       B. this       C. their       D. these
6. A.demand       B. sees       C. call       D. called
7. A. had       B. has        C. Have       D. at
8. A. preparing        B. prepares        C. cooks       D. prepared
9. A. see       B. get       C. got        D saw
10. A. with       B. in        C. on       D. by
11. A. young       B. younger       C. youngest       D. juniors
12. releases        B. realizes       C. realise       D. get
13. A. at        B. by       C. with        D. for
14. frighten        B. frightening       C. freighters       D. fighting
15. A. to       B.for        B.with        D.of

For question 16 -20 choose the alternative that best completes the sentence
16. The grade three pupils have gone home, ___________?
A. have they
B. haven’t they
C. did they
D. don’t they

17. If Charles had woken up early, he________
A. would not be punished for lateness
B. could not have been punished for lateness
C. will not be punished for lateness
D. would not have been punished for lateness

18. The matter was between her and ________
A. I
B. she
C. they
D. me

19. Both kioko and Raphael ______ here almost every day
A. come
B. comes
C. came
D. are coming

20. Could she help me to clean the house? Yes she _____________
A. could help you
B. could
C. does it
D. could do it

For question 21-22, choose the word that means the opposite as the underlined.
21. Nanjala rarely goes to church
A. usually
B. regularly
C. often
D. never

22. We lost the match today
A. defeated
B. won
C. scored
D. found

For question 23-25, choose the alternative that means the same as the underlined
23. Omwoyo made up his mind to join us in the search
A. decided
B. managed
C. planned
D. wondered

24. We look forward to the closing of the school
A. expect
B. continued
C. long for
D. waiting

25. They stared at me in astonishment
A. shock
B. anger
C. awe
D. amazement

Read the passage below and answer the questions 26 to 38.

I was comfortably seated on the verandah reading a storybook entitled ‘for better for worse, I was buried in the story that had captured my attention. I was interrupted by hooting of the cars from a distance. I narrowed my eyes in astonishment trying to figure out what was happening. Tiptoed to open the gate as I widened my eyes in disbelief after seeing a convoy of vehicles coming towards out residence. On the spar of the moment, a crowd of people had gathered on our parents wondered what had gone a miss and came out of the house. Men and women dressed in soot and who look like journalist started taking photographs. My mind was at sixes and fives
As my parents stood beside me, one of the men approached me. His face was beaming with a smile exposing a set of pearl- white well – arranged teeth. He seems to have seen better days of his life. He cleared his throat noisily then faced me saying ‘cherotich penina I am as sure as death that you are aware of your victory, aren’t you?’ I was tongue –tied not knowing what to say. The new rang in my confused mind repeatedly. Rhetorical questions flooded my mind as my face lip up with pleasure. I could not believe!. All my dreams had become a reality.
The man realized that I was nervous and delighted at the same time. He continued “young girl, this is a dream come true for you. Scoring 480 marks out of possible 500 is not a joke. First and for most how did you manage such high marks?” I noisily clears my throat and answered him full of enthusiasm, “since I began school, I have had my parents’ support which had enabled me work harder. Teachers also threw their weight behind me to ensure that I succeeded. Whenever I had a problem they were always at my back and call. Studying without despairing and choosing friends wisely help to. One can also succeed if he or she put the mighty God before any other thing. You may have hardship and given up but of you put panic inside and be set for the race you will certainly by winning the race. “I conclude as a gentleman nodded appreciatively
“What would you like to become in future?” a young lady from the crowd ask. “I am determined to be a lawyer. I have always admired to do this work since it involves justice. I would like to see citizens receive fair trials as truth prevails.” everyone’s face was lit with joy and satisfaction due to the confident I had. Several questions were asked and I answered promptly and courageously.
“Lastly Peninah. What message would you like to put across to all candidates?” I did not hesitate to answer, “Bear in mind that hard work pays and it never goes unrewarded. Your future lies within you. Education is the key to success and you will live to enjoy its fruits in future. Well I still appreciate

26. what do learn about the writer from the second sentence
A. he was covered with the book ‘ for the better for worse’
B. he was reading a book ‘For better for worse’ keenly
C. He was looking at the book ‘ For better for worse.’
D. He was totally deadly and waiting for better

27. What interrupted the writer from his reading?
A. he heard the hooting of cars from a distance
B. passers –by on the main road
C. he narrowed his eyes in astonishment
D. something bad had happened in their compound

28. The phrase what had gone amiss means what?
A. Had happened
B. had transpired
C. had gone wrong
D. had gone wrong

29. Three of the following puzzled the writer except?
A. there were men and women dressed in suit in their compound
B. journalist started taking his photographs
C. a crowd of people had gathered in their compound
D. his mind was at sixes and sevens

30. …… seen better day……. has been used to mean
A. very old
B. very young
C. there were bad days
D. they were very good days

31. According to the second paragraph, Peninah
A. had dreamt of the best
B. had emerged the best in exams
C. had valid dreams
D. had many rhetorical questions

32. What made Peninah feel very please
A. she was nervous at journalist questions
B. he had done her exams and was waiting for a result
C. she had scored 480marks emerging the best
D. it was no a joke scoring such marks

33. According to the passage, Peninah’s parent support
A. put pressure on her
B. help her realized various thing
C. made her work harder
D. did not bring about any change

34. When you throw your weight behind somebody you?
A. support them
B. hold not to fall
C. encourage them to do something
D. harass them to put in more effort

35. What did peninah want to study?
A. journalism
B. medicine
C. teaching
D. law

36. What has pushed Peninah so much to want to become a lawyer
A. people had mistreated her family
B. she would like to see people receive fair trials as justice prevails
C. she loved our judicial system in the country
D. her parent have put a lot of pressure on her to study law

37. The word education is the key to success means
A. educations satisfies our need
B. education is the key to improve life
C. Education gives us information
D. Education prevent conflict in a society

38. Which of the following proverbs best conclude the story you have read
A. Hard work never goes unrewarded
B. Journalist can choose to surprise you
C. Make hey while the sun shines
D. A stitch in time saves nine

Read the passage below and answer the questions 39-50
Children who spend a lot of time especially mobile phones face higher risk of developing cognitive disorders later in life, this warning from medical expert may exert more pressure on the often- shaky relationship between parenting and technology
even more worrying is that corona virus pandemic has provide children with spates of involuntary holidays in which most spent consuming hundreds of combined hours on mobile phones,table,televisions and laptops. This is even tracker considering most parents teachers and children now increasingly have to rely on mediated leaning through digital classrooms increasing prolonged exposure to screen time.
Doctors have warned that the end results may be a pre- mature thinning of the cortex – the outer layer of the brain leading to low IQ scores. Digital devices have revolutionized the way children line, interact with the world. Communicate and get entertained
Professionals have noted that child who lives an early digital life end up experiencing language developing and reading skills challenges both of which had requisite components of good IQ scores. ‘for you to develop your brain, you need to exercise it in terms of language and reading skills’, says one of the doctor, adding that ‘ engaging in natural activities also increases ones attention span.’
But for children with early exposure and overused tend to have a slower development in languages which is compounded by the force solitary life spend buried in the gadget
They also have poor socialization skills because they do not mingle with their peers and this also affects their attention span. The doctor says advising that one of the best ways to counter attention deficit among children is through reading books outdoor games
Parents often do not monitor how long children stay on the gadgets, the screen setting of the devices, and the posture the children adapt and practically the distance from the eye. Improper use of the gadgets could cause eye problems, anxiety and even depression especially to those who are hooked to video games.
Some of the video games contain violence and aggression which may cause an anxiety and depression among children. Some of them might have disturbed sleep and also end up being obese from passive life, warns and doctors
In Kenya at least 60% of the children have access to digital gadget. More worryingly, a recent survey by the communication authority of Kenya. On children and use of cellphones found out that there were over five thousands new application for SIMCARDS by minors in the ten months between much and December 2020.
‘a typical child now spent 20mins with their mother and 5 minutes with their father every day,’ says an IT consultant adding that around up survey revealed the same. Kids spend 7hours or over 4oomins behind screens. This a dangerous trend and in the near future the future generations will be advancelly affected unless measures are put in place.

39. A child who spend a lot of time on a mobile phone
A. Has a higher chance of developing cognitive diseases later in life
B. Develop cognitive skill faster in life
C. Has a low risk of developing cognitive disorders later in life
D. Learns how to work out digital tasks quite easily

40. From the 1st paragraph parents
A. failed in their parenting
B. allowed children to control them
C. failed to guide their children accordingly and allowed them to use digital devices to keep them busy
D. not anything to help rescue the deteriorating situations

41. According to the passage the situation of children remaining glued to digital devices has been made worse by the following except
A. uncalled for holidays caused by global pandemic
B. learning Is being conducted online
C. teachers fear coming in contact with learners
D. mediated learning is increasingly becoming the norm

42. What happens in the thinning cortex
A. Pre mature digital exposure to screens
B. The outer layer of the brain leading is destroyed
C. too much laziness arises
D. Leads to low IQ scores

43. What do we learn about digital devices: they do not__
A. Revolutionized the way children learn and fight
B. Revolutionized the way children interact with the word
C. Revolutionized the way children communicate
D. Revolutionized the way children get entertained

44. Language developing and reading skills challenge are developed
A. by growing up children
B. by children who spend most of their time on screen and digital devices
C. by parents with their children
D. by house girls when their bosses go to work

45. children develop poor socialization skills because
A. Digital devices affect their attention
B. Parent have neglected them completely
C. They rarely talk in the house
D. They do not mingle with their peers

46. Three of the following are true about video games except
A. some games contains violence and aggression
B. some of the may cause anxiety and depression among children
C. some of them may make children have disturbed sleep and also end up being obese for the passive life
D. they entertain the children and make them sleep faster

47. Which body in the country is responsible for all the communication?
A. communication assembly of Kenya
B. safaricom of Kenya
C. communication authority of Kenya
D. community action of Kenya

48. What do we learn about the time minors were at home during the long covid19 holiday
A. The children bought and register over 5000 new sin cards
B. Children use digital devices more for their own good
C. Parents lost the grip over their own children
D. Mobile phones were sold at an alarming rate

49. Three of the following are true about the typical Kenya children except? They
A. spend 7hrs on the screen
B. spend 5 minutes with their male parents
C. spend 20mins with their female parents
D. spend over 25mins together with their parents

50. The best tittle for the passage above would be
A. digital device
B. the effect of digital devices
C. the 21st century children
D. where parents have failed in raising their children


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