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Class 8 Social Studies End of Term 2 Exams 2021

Class: Class 8

Subject: Social Studies

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 8 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

Use the map above to answer question 1-7
1. What is the flow of river moja
A. South West to North East
B. South Eat to North West
C. North East to south west
D. North to South

2. Which is the main economic activities of people living in moja area
A. Trading
B. Mining
C. Farming
D. Tourism

3. What is the climatic condition of the northern part of moja area
A. Hot and wet
B. Cool and dry
C. Hot and dry
D. Cool and wet

4. Name the type of settlement in moja area
A. Linear
B. Nucleated
C. dispersed settlements
D. densely populated

5. The main means of transport in moja area is likely to be
A. road transport.
B. air transport.
C. railway transport.
D. water transport.

6. The following are social amenities found in moja area, which one is not
A. Church
B. Hospital
C. Roads
D. School

7. Which economic activities can take place along river Moja
A. Mining
B. Agriculture
C. Lumbering
D. Trading

8. Which one is NOT a problem facing forests in Kenya?
A. Government allocation of forest land
B. Silting of rivers and dams
C. Illegal logging
D. Forest fires

9. Three of the following are importance of population data. Which one is NOT?
A. Helps the government to plan for enough food supplies
B. The government knows the expected money to correct from individuals
C. Planning for social services (eg) schools and hospitals
D. Planning for free primary education

10. Pyramids are a famous tourist attraction in
A. Algeria
B. Kenya
C. Egypt
D. Zimbambwe

11. During the pre-colonial period virtues were encouraged through
A. Bible readings
B. Local courts
C. Scared rituals
D. Moral laws

12. The factor that has mainly influenced the location of Webuye paper industry is?
A. Nearness to raw materials
B. Good transport means
C. A ready market
D. Provision of skilled labour

13. Which one of the following countries achieved her independence through constitutional means?
A. Zimbabwe
B. Ghana
C. Kenya
D. Mozambique.

14. Female Genital Mutilation is discouraged in Kenya Mainly because
A. It leads to barrenness
B. It promotes disunity
C. It encourages immorality
D. It is health hazard

15. .The following are descriptions of a certain mineral in Kenya
(i) It is the second most important mineral
(ii) It is used in the manufacture of sulphuric acid and toothpaste
(iii) It is used to make non-stick cooking pans The mineral is mined using open cast method The mineral described above is?
A. Limestone
B. Soda Ash
C. Diatomite
D. Fluorspar

16. The 12 members of parliament are nominated by?
A. Registered political parties
B. Public service commission
C. Attorney General
D. President

17. . Majority of foreigners become citizen of Kenya MAINLY through
A. Birth
B. Naturalization
C. Registration
D. Identification

18. Who among the following is BEST suited to help end a civil dispute
A. Local administrator
B. Chief justice
C. Arbitrator
D. Member of parliament

Use the diagram below to answer the questions that follows
19. Which of the following physical feature was formed through the above process?
A. Mt. Kenya
B. Mt.Kilimanjaro
C. The Atlas mts
D. the Ahaggar mts

20. Which one of the following was NOT practiced in traditional agriculture?
A. Plantation farming
B. Mixed farming
C. Subsistence farming
D. Shifting cultivation

21. The picture below represents a type of shelter used by a community in Kenya during the pre-colonial period. The community lived in such shelters because
A.The area they lived in experienced winds
B. The people lacked skills for building stronger shelters
C. The shelters were suitable to their way of life
D.The shelters were adequate for their small families

22. The following are resistances that took place in Africa at the eve of colonization. Which one is WRONGLY matched with its leader?
A. Mandinka resistance – Koitalel Samoei
B. Ababukusu – Mukite wa Nameme
C. Hehe Resistance – Chief Mkwawa
D. Abagusii – Prophetess Moraa

23. Which of these is the most economical means of preserving fish?
A. Refrigeration
B. Canning
C. Using sun to dry fish
D. Salting

24. Who among these is not a member of county executive committee according to our new constitution?
A. Governor
B. County governor’s appointees
C. Speaker of the senate
D. Deputy Governor

25. The following are functions of a school. Which one is the MAIN function of the school:
A. Preparing learners for exams
B. Instilling discipline
C. Producing useful members of the society
D. Ensuring that students do their homework

26. The following are causes of road accidents in Kenya. Which one contributes MOST?
A. Poor state of our roads
B. Use of old unroadworthy cars
C. Observance of traffic rules
D. Over-speeding and dangerous overtaking

Use the diagram below to answer the questions that follows
27. Which one of the following statements is correct about the population pyramid shown above?
A. The largest population is below 39 years.
B. Majority of the people are old.
C. There are more males than females.
D. There are few children.

28. The main effect of the current developments in modern communication system in Africa is that
A. they have led to decrease in road accident
B. they have led to migration of people to towns
C. they have led to congestion in towns
D. . They have led to increase in trade.

29. The main economic activity of the Khoikhoi people before the 19" century was
A. fish
B. crop farming
C. livestock keeping
D. basket making.

30. The following are statements about a lake in Africa:
(i) It is the largest lake by surface.
(ii) It is shared by several countries.
(iii) It was formed through downwarping.
The lake described above is
A. Lake Malawi
B. Lake Victoria
C. Lake Turkana
D. Lake Tanganyika.

31. The type of modern migration that mostly causes overcrowding in towns is the
A. urban to rural migration
B. rural to urban migration
C. rural to rural migration
D. urban to urban migration.

32. . The school administrator who prepares the school timetable is the
A. school chairperson
B. head teacher
C. school prefect
D. deputy head teacher.

33. Which of the following winds brings rainfall to the Coastal parts of West Africa?
A. Westerlies winds.
B. South East Monsoon winds.
C. South Westerlies.
D. Harmattan winds.

34. The political party that was formed in Ghana by Kwame Nkrumah in 1949 was
A. Convention People's Party (CPP)
B. United Gold Coast Convention (CPP)
C. African National Congress (ANG)
D. Northern People's Party (NPP)

35. The main benefit of democracy in the society is that
A. people are able to respect their leaders
B. there is creation of employment •
C. people are able to elect leaders of their choice
D. people are able to pay taxes

36. . Steep slopes are not good for settlement due to the threat of
A. drought
B. flooding
C. landslides
D. Tsetse flies.

37. Which one of the following constitutional rights is exercised by Kenyans who are eighteen years and above only?
A. They are exempted from paying taxes.
B. Voting during general elections.
C. Getting free houses from the government.
D. Getting free food from the government.

38. . A similarity between the government of Kenya and Swaziland is that
A. heads of states appoint government officials
B. political parties are registered
C. elections are held after five years
D. heads of states are elected.

39. Regional trading blocs have been formed in Africa mainly to
A. promote trade within members states
B. stop trade with foreign countries
C. promote the use of local languages
D. form similar systems of government

40. The main advantage of a planted forest over a natural forest is
A. there is thick undergrowth.
B. many species of trees grow together.
C. there is controlled harvesting.
D. trees mature at the same time.

41. On which day did Kenya become a republic?
A. 20th October 1952
B. 1st June 1963
C. 12th December 1963
D. 12th December 1964

42. Which hominid is considered the earliest ancestor of human being
A. Homo habilis
B. Kenyapithecus.
C. Ramapithecus.
D. Homo erectus.

43. Three of the following are characteristics of a religious marriage except
A. it can be polygamous.
B. a marriage certificate is issued.
C. it is strictly monogamous.
D. it is conducted by a religious leader

44. The following are methods used by nationalists in Ghana in their struggle for independence. Which one was not?
A. Strikes and boycotts
B. Waging guerilla warfare
C. Peaceful negotiations
D. Demonstration

45. Which one of the following countries is not former German colony?
A. Togo
B. Cameroon
C. Libya
D. Namibia

46. Most rivers in Africa are polluted by:-
A. Farm chemicals
B. Industrial wastes
C. Presence of water weeds
D. Soil particles

47. The Hebe people were defeated by the Germans mainly because:-
A. German soldiers were better armed
B. German soldiers were more in number
C. The Hehe were few
D. The Hehe had superior weapons

48. Which one of the following towers is not part of the cocoa triangle in Ghana?
A. Sekondi - Takoradi
B. Port Harcourt
C. Kumasi
D. Accra

49. Which one of the following aspects of our culture should we not preserve?
A. Traditional foods
B. Wife inheritance
C. Traditional songs and dances
D. Traditional ways of greetings

50. . After a general elections, the newly elected members of parliament are sworn in by:-
A. Chief justice
B. Attorney general
C. Speaker of the National Assembly
D. chief

51. The diagram above shows the formation of a certain type of rainfall. It is called:-
A. Orographic rainfall
B. Convectional rainfall
C. Frontal rainfall
D. Cyclonic rainfall

52. The following are factors and structures of population in Kenya. Which one is no true?
A. High dependency ratio
B. Ageing population is small
C. Life expectancy is high
D. Females are more than males

53. All of the following were reasons why European scrambled/partitioned for Africa which was the main reason?
A. settle surplus population
B. strategic position
C. market for goods
D. raw materials

54. The smallest country in Africa in Areas per sq. km is
A. Lesotho
B. Seychelles
C. Sao Tome
D. Djibout

55. Which agency of the UN (United Nations) is in charge if distributing food to the needy?

56. Below are descriptions of a certain community
i) Ruled by hereditary chiefs
ii) Are farmers
iii) Participated in long distance trade
The community described above is
A. Buganda
B. Nyamwezi
C. Akamba
D. Abawanga.

57. The Bantus who had settled at Shungwaya could not proceed further Northwards because:-
A. They were attacked by hostile communities
B. The area was dry
C. There was infertile soil
D. There wasn’t enough pasture

58. Which one of the following industries is an example of a secondary industry?
A. Sugar refinery
B. Saw milling
C. Cement making
D. Cotton ginnery

59. The following are minerals mined in Kenya. Which one is correctly matched with its method of mining?
A. Gold – underground method
B. Oil – dredging
C. Diatomite – drilling
D. Soda ash – open cast

60. Which one of the following is the main factor that influences population distribution?
A. Relief
B. Social amenities
C. Climate
D. Vegetation


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