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Class 8 Mathematics End of Term 2 Examination 2021

Class: Class 8

Subject: Mathematics

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 8 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

TERM 2 2021
1. What is seven million seven hundred and seventy seven thousand in figures?
A. 7777777
B. 777777
C. 7777077
D. 7777000

2. How many hundreds are there in the total value of digit 6 in the number below 600000
A. 600000
B. 60000
C. 6000
D. 600

3. What is the area of a rectangle whose perimeter is 64cm and one of the side is 12cm?
A. #20cm^2#
B. #240 cm^2#
C. #624 cm^2#
D. #768 cm^2#

4. What is the highest common factor of 36, 54, and 72?
A. 216
B. 144
C. 108
D. 18

5. Round of 989743 to the nearest thousands
A. 990000
B. 989000
C. 999000
D. 900000

6. The circumference of a circle is 176 cm. What is its radius?
A. 7 cm
B. 14 cm
C. 28 cm
D. 56 cm

7. What is 3.8951 written two decimal places?
A. 3.9
B. 4.90
C. 3.89
D. 3.90

8. Six men take eight days to dig a shamba. How many days will it take 4 men working at the same rate?
A. 48 days
B. 12 days
C. 32 days
D. 24days

9. Use <, =, > to complete the statement below.
#1/4# o𝑓 120 ___ 4×12
A. <
B. =
C. >
D. ≥

10. Increase 400 by 25%
A. 100
B. 500
C. 300
D. 4000

11. Silas bought 2 trays of eggs each containing 30 eggs. She paid sh. 300 per tray. Ten eggs broke and sold the remaining at sh. 15 each. How much profit did she make?
A. Sh. 750
B. sh. 150
C. sh. 25
D. sh. 300

The figure below shows angles of a triangle ABC
12. What is the size of angle marked x;
A. 90°
B. 35°
C. 50°
D. 40°

13. What is the smallest 5 – digit number written in symbols that can be formed using 3, 2, 7, 8 and 5?
A. 32785
B. 23578
C. 32578
D. 87523

14. Victor covered a distance of 100m in 10 sec .What is the speed in km/h
A. 10
B. 36
C. 30
D. 18

15. The sum of five numbers is 63. Four of the numbers are 13, 12, 15 and 10. What is the mode of numbers?
A. 15
B. 10
C. 12
D. 13

16. What is the value of #(8^2−5^2)/3+9#
A. 10
B. 16
C. 22
D. 42

17. A hawker sold a pair of shoes for sh. 455 making a profit of 30%. What was the buying price of the pair of shoes?
A. Sh. 350
B. sh. 400
C. sh. 425
D. sh. 370

18. If 13 of a number is 40. What is 18 of the same number to the nearest whole number?
A. 20
B. 120
C. 55
D. 400

19. Round off to the nearest thousandths 7689.7684
A. 8000
B. 8000.000
C. 7689.7680
D. 0.7684

20. Calculate the total surface area of the figure below
A. #2376cm^2#
B. #2992 cm^2#
C. #1232 cm^2#
D. #1760 cm^2#

21. A path that is 4km long has tress planted on both sides at intervals of 4metres apart. How many trees are there?
A. 1001
B. 1000
C. 2002
D. 2000

22. Silas borrowed 12000 from the bank that charge a simple interest at the rate of 15% per year. How much would he pay the bank at the end of the year
A. 1800
B. 21600
C. 13800
D. 15600

23. Construct a triangle of XYZ such that XY =7cm Y Z =8cm angle XYZ = 70° inscribe the triangle. What is the radius of the circle
B. 4.6cm
C. 2.3cm

24. What is the sum of the edges, vertices and face of a triangular prism
A. 20
B. 18
C. 26
D. 14

25. How many triangles are there in the figure below
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

26. Which one of the following angles is a reflex angle

27. The table below shoes the number of crates of bread sold from super market in six days of the week
Find the mean mark of the week
A. 353
B. 335
C. 2010
D. 325

28. What is 4602
A. 129600
B. 720
C. 211600
D. 21160

29. The length of a rectangular plot is 40cm and the width is 30m.each side of the plot is reduced by 10%. What is the decrease in the area of the plot?
A. #972m^2#
B. #2700m^2#
C. #1728m^2#
D. #228m^2#

30. One kilogram of meat was sold for 200. The butcher got a total of sh. 40,000 for the sale of meat during five days. What was the total amount of goods sold in kg .
A. 200kg
B. 30kg
C. 502kg
D. 400kg

31. The figure below shows angles formed by pair of parallel lines and a transversal
In which group below, are each angles equal to F?
A. b,a,d
B. b,d,h
C. a,c,e

32. Florence and Okelo shared a profit from the sales of clothes in the ratio of 5:8. If the profit was 6240. How much money did okelo get
A. 3900
B. 3840
C. 2400
D. 1440

33. In a certain farm, the number of goats and sheep was 5,084. The number of sheep and the cows was 6184. If the number of cows is 3410. What is the number of goats in the farm
A. 2774
B. 1100
C. 2310
D. 4510

34. A bus took 7hrs 45 minutes to travel from Nairobi to Kisumu. It reaches Kisumu at 0510h on Friday. At what time and day did it depart from Nairobi
A. Thursday 9.35 am
B. Friday 9.25am
C. Friday 9:25pm
D. Thursday 9:25pm

35. R7.JPG
What is the area of flower garden in #m^2#
A. 136
B. 68
C. 120
D. 60

36. The hire purchase of a generator was 15% more than the marked price. Faith bought it by paying deposit of 9160 and 9 monthly installment of sh. 2560. What was the marked price of the cupboard?
A. 32200
B. 27370
C. 28000
D. 23040

37. The pie chart below shows how Miriam spent her salary
How much more did she spend on food than on medicine if he spent 3600 on school fees
A. 4950
B. 4050
C. 900
D. 1350

38. There are t mangoes in a basket. The number of lemons in the basket is three times that of mangoes but eight more that of oranges. The total number of mangoes, lemons and oranges in the basket was 27.Which one of the following equation below can be used to fine the number of mangoes that were in the basket?
A. 7t+8 =27
B. 3t – 2 = 27
C. 3t + 14 =27
D. 7t – 8 =27

39. In a certain leap year, 13th February was Thursday. What day was the 10th May of the same year
A. Sunday
B. Saturday
C. Monday
D. Saturday

40. The area of a right angled triangular plot is 2400#m^2#. The length of the shortest side is 60m. Find the perimeter.
B. 100m
D. 180m

41. What is 17/3 correct to the nearest hundredths?
A. 0.18
B. 0.176
C. 5.667
D. 5.67

42. The figure below represent Biko plot of land. What is the area of the plot in square centimeters
A. 840#cm^2#
B. 77#cm^2#
C. 917#cm^2 #
D. 763#cm^2#

43. Mkulima bora harvested 3400 bags of maize in year 2010, if this was 20% decrease in the production 2009 ,what was the production for 2009
A. B 275
C. 8330

44. A circular pond has an area of 2464#m^2#. It was fenced round using five strands of wire. What is the length of the wire used? #pi#=22/ 7
A.7 89m
B. 280m
C. 176m
D. 880m

45. A motorist travelled at a speed of 60km/h for 2hrs. He then increased the speed by 10km/h for other 2 hours. What was the average speed for the whole journey?
A 65km/h
B. 64km/h
D. 68km/h

46. Mr. Stephen paid Shs. 1800 for an item after he was allowed a discount of 10%. How much was the marked price?
B. Shs. 1980
C. Shs. 1620
D. Shs.2180

47. The area of a square piece of land is 0.64ha. What is its perimeter in metres?
A. 80m
B. 320m
C. 6400m
D. 8000m

48. The diagram below represent a rectangular solid from which a cylinder of diameter 14cm has been removed
Which is the volume of the solid in cm3?
A. 3850 #cm^3 #
B. 6150 #cm^3 #
C.4150 #cm^3 #
D. 10000 #cm^3#

49. The graph below shows the journey of motorist
What is the average speed of the whole journey?
A. 60km/h
B. 48km/h
C. 72km/h
D. 100km/h
50. Which one of the following line will form a perpendicular line


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