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Class 7 Christian Religious Education End of Term 2 Examination 2021

Class: Class 7

Subject: CRE

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 7 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary


1. King Solomon was anointed by
A. Samuel
B. Isaiah
C. Elkanah
D. Zadok

2. Who among the following prophets prophesied about the killing of baby Jesus?
A. Jeremiah
B. Isaiah
C. Micah
D. Hosea

3. The sign of covenants between God and Noah that would never destroy earth again is?
A. An earthquake
B. Fire
C. Rainbow
D. Pillars of cloud

4. Which one of the following was not a promise given to Abram by God?
A. All the people of the earth will be blessed through him
B. There will be a heir from your family to rule Israel
C. Your descendants will be numerous as the stars in the sky
D. I will bless those who bless your and curse those who curse you

5. When God called Moses, he was taking care of the sheep of the father in – law called
A. Joshua
B. Aaron
C. Eliakim
D. Jethro

6. When the Israelites were given the ten commandment, God came to them in form of?
A. Thick cloud
B. An earthquake
C. Fire
D. Hailstone

7. The first book in the bible describes
A. The journey to Canaan
B. The ten commandment
C. The beginning of life
D. The Israelites in Egypt

8. Which one of the following miracles were performed by prophet Elijah and Elisha
A. Multiplication of wine
B. Multiplication of oil
C. Raising the dead
D. Cursing 42boys

9. The gift of Gold brought by the wise men to baby Jesus signified
A. His death
B. Priesthood
C. Inheritance
D. Kingship

10. The birth of John the Baptist was prophesied by?
A. Jeremiah
B. Hosea
C. Isaiah
D. Ezekiel

11. The most loved disciple of Jesus was
A. Simon peter
B. John
C. James
D. Andrew

12. Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires__’’
A. A great reward is kept for them in heaven
B. The kingdom of heavens belongs to them
C. God will be merciful to them
D. God will call them his children

13. When Jesus healed a man born blind (john 9.7) he sent him to the pool of
A. Bethsaida
B. Siloam
C. Mara
D. Jordan

14. Jesus sent two disciples to go and prepared the Passover meal. They were
A. Peter and Andrew
B. John and James
C. John and Andrew
D. Peter and James

15. Who among the following witnessed the dedication of Jesus in temple?
A. Anna and Simeon
B. Simeon and Zachariah
C. Simeon and Mary
D. Elizabeth and Simeon

16. The miracle of healing of the ten leapers teachers Christian to.
A. Work hard
B. Be grateful
C. Be honest
D. Be kind

17. The main reason why Jesus chose the twelve Apostles was to.
A. Begins his works
B. Continue the ministry he had started
C. Finish the work of the phrases
D. Build a place for him

18. The following were deacons in the early church. Who was not?
A. Nicom
B. Timothy
C. Timon
D. Prochorus

19. Why was Stephen stoned to death
A. He refused to obey the authority
B. He looked into heaven
C. He refused to sell his vineyard
D. He refused to deny the Jesus

20. The main reason for marriage in tradition African religious was
A. Procreation
B. Companionship
C. Love
D. Commitment

21. The following practice is common in tradition African society and Christianity which in is it?
A. Performing sacrifice
B. Praying near river
C. Reading scripture
D. Wedding

22. In some traditional African communities the shedding of blood during circumcision shows that the initiates are?
A. Strong and healthy
B. United with ancestors
C. Grown further
D. Got a new name

23. Which one is a similarity between African traditional religion and Christianity
A. Worshiping in the temple
B. Use bible scripture
C. Worshiping God through prayer
D. Worshiping by involving sacrifices

24. The following are ways of showing respect to the departed. Which one is not?
A. Naming children after them
B. Saying prayers through them
C. Pouring libation
D. Not giving offering and sacrifices

25. On her way home Charles juma found her brother together with his friend a Christian what should she do?
A. Advise him the danger of alcohol
B. Report him to the parents
C. Leave him alone
D. Pray for him

26. Your classmate Raphael told you that he is suffering from TB. What advice can you give him as a Christian?
A. Show him love
B. Avoid siting near him
C. Tell your friends about it
D. Stop talking to him

27. On his way to school, Veronica a standard 7 found STD 5 boy fighting. The best action for him to take was
A. Beat them up
B. Take them to school and report them to their class teacher
C. Run to their homes and inform their parents
D. Separated and guide them

28. Which one of the following should a Christian do during leisure
A. Drinking alcohol
B. Watching cartoons
C. Reading the bible
D. Visiting the sick in hospital

29. The man healed by peter and John at the beautiful Gate in Jerusalem was?
A. Mentally handicapped
B. Visually handicapped
C. Physical handicapped
D. Hearing impaired

30. Who among the following was a brother to Moses
A. Ezekiel
B. Elijah
C. Aaron
D. Isaac


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