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Class 6 Social Studies End of Term 2 Exams 2021

Class: Class 6

Subject: Social Studies

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 6 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

TERM 2 2021
Study the map of Desa area and answer questions that follow 1 to 7
1. Traders from Sasa market get trading license from?
A. Police station
B. County government offices
C. Law courts
D. Chiefs camp

2. What is the direction of Haki market from the Air Field?
A. South eat
B. North east
C. South west
D. North west

3. The type of soil found in the northern part of the Desa area likely to be?
A. Red volcanic soil
B. Sandy soil
C. Black cotton soil
D. Railways transport

4. Name the widespread form of transport in the area
A. Water
B. Road
C. Air
D. Railway

5. Which of the following shows there is administration of justice in Desa town? Presence of?
A. Prison
B. County government office
C. Law court
D. Police station

6. Which one of the following is a not economic activity carried out in Desa area?
A. Agriculture
B. Mining
C. Fishing
D. Trading

7. Which is the main religion of people in the area?
A. Christianity
B. Hinduism
C. Indian
D. African traditional religious

8. Which is the main language group living in S. Sudan?
A. Nilotes
B. Bantus
C. Cushites
D. Semites

9. Which one of the following is not plain nilotes
A. Maasai
B. Turkana
C. Samburu
D. Kipsigis

10. The diagram below shows a type of breeze
A. In the evening
B. At night
C. At dawn
D. Day time

11. Which one of the following communities is the odd one out
A. Jokajok
B. Joka owiny
C. Jokomolo
D. Kipsigis

12. The type of climate where coffee is grown should be?
A. Cool and dry
B. Cool and wet
C. Hot and dry
D. Hot and wet

Use the below map of Eastern Africa to answer the questions that follows?
13. What is the capital city of the country mark C?
A. Dodoma
B. Arusha
C. Kigali
D. Nairobi

14. Name the mountain mark D
A. Mt. Kenya
B. Mt. elgon
C. Mt.kilimanjaro
D. Mount marsabit

15. What is the main activities of the people around L. Victoria
A. Mining
B. Trading
C. Fishing
D. Cycling

16. Ox- bow lakes are found in which of the following section?
A. Senile stage
B. Youthful stage
C. Source
D. Mouth

17. A large tea plantation is found in which of the following area?
A. Thika
B. Kericho
C. Malindi
D. Kisumu

18. Which one of the following is the main reason for the migration of Bantus
A. In search of water and pasture
B. Searching for fertile land
C. Spirit of adventure
D. Attach by pest and diseases

19. Which of the following instruments is used to measure the speed of wind?
A. Wind sock
B. Wind vane
C. Rain gauge
D. Hygrometer

20. Which of the following is not a child abuse
A. Children washing family car
B. Children doing household chore
C. Bullying
D. Child trafficking

21. The national flag in Kenya is important because?
A. It unites the people of Kenya
B. It is found in all government offices
C. It is beautiful in color
D. Our freedom fighter fought for it.

22. Kenya’s main inland port is ___
A. Mombasa
B. Nakuru
C. Kisumu
D. Eldoret

23. Which of the following pairs of communities were ruled by kings before the coming of the Europeans?
A. Baganda and Ameru
B. Abawanga and Baganda
C. Nyamwezi and Abawanga
D. Baganda and Nyamwezi

24. Three of the following are duties of a good citizen. Which one is not?
A. Arresting people who do not obey the law
B. Respecting those in authority
C. Being loyal and ready to defend one’s country.
D. Paying taxes to the government.

25. The first action to take when you find a child who has been raped is to
A. Take the child to the hospital
B. Tell the child not to tell anybody
C. Inform the head teacher.
D. Inform the chief.

26. Which one of the following conditions may lead to lawlessness in society?
A. Unemployment among the youth
B. Availability of food in the family
C. Free primary and secondary education
D. Adequate housing facilities.

27. Who among the following is not a member of the county Assembly?
A. Elected members of the County Assembly
B. Member Representing the Youth
C. The Speaker
D. The Deputy Governor

28. The best way of encouraging people in Kenya to obey the law is by ___
A. Employing more police officers to enforce the law.
B. Keeping the law breakers in prison.
C. Rewarding people who obey the law
D. Educating people on the importance of obeying the law.

29. Which one of the following is not a service industry?
A. Banking
B. Insurance
C. Pottery
D. Tourism

30. Cultural artefacts are important mainly because __
A. They were made in the past.
B. They attract tourists
C. They tell the history of a community
D. They were made by special people.

31. The method of fishing shown in the diagram below is called ___
A. Net drifting
B. basketry
C. Trawling
D. Long lining

32. Josephine, a standard six girl has been asked by her mother to look after the baby on Friday. Which right has Josephine been denied?
A. Right to leisure
B. Right to education
C. Right to basic needs
D. Right to earn a living

33. The following activities took place in a society.
(i) Participation in games and sports
(ii) Employing people from one community
(iii)Sharing resources equitably
(iv) Participating in cattle rustling
Which one of the following combinations of activities may undermine peace in the society?
A. (i), (ii)
B. (i), (iii)
C. (ii), (iii)
D. (ii), (iv)

34. The best way of conserving forest in Kenya is by _
A. Educating people on the importance of forests
B. Employing more wardens to take care of forests
C. Banning charcoal burning
D. Fencing forested areas

35. Which of the following reason best explains the functions of the clan
A. Settle land disputes
B. Buy food to widows
C. Head of the community land
D. Head of the state

36. The konza magadi branch of Kenya – Uganda railway was constructed mainly in order?
A. Link Kenya and Uganda
B. Transport livestock to the coast for export
C. Transport soda ash to the port of Mombasa
D. Promote faster development of konza city

37. Who is the chairperson of IEBC in kenya
A. Ezra Chiloba
B. wafula Chebukati
C. Fred Matiangi
D. Baya chola

38. What is the main function of Kenya revenue authority in Kenya?
A. Collect taxes
B. Control the power of the president
C. Provide loans to government workers
D. Pay salaries to government employees

39. What main reason led to the development of Kisumu as urban Centre
A. Trade
B. Mining
C. Fishing
D. Location

40. Who is the head of judiciary in Kenya?
A. Attorney general
B. chief Justice
C. president
D. Governor

41. Which one of the following arms of government makes and amends law?
A. Legislature
B. judiciary
C. Executive
D. high court

Use the diagram below to answer questions that follows
42. Name the fishing method above
A. Trawling
B. Purse seeing
C. Hooking
D. Basketing

43. Large coffee plantations are found in one of the following place except?
A. Thika
B. Nakuru
C. Kiambu
D. Kitui

44. Who is the first prime minister in Kenya
A. Oginga odinga
B. Fred kagia
C. Kungu karumba
D. Fred kubai

45. According to the constitution of Kenya a person may apply for identity card after attaining age of?
A. 18yrs
B. 21yrs
C. 31yrs
D. 25

46. Which one of the following is not a symbol of national unity?
A. National flag
B. Parliament
C. Court of arm
D. Public seal

47. The practice of giving a job in favor of your relative is called?
A. Nepotism
B. Tribalism
C. Corruption
D. Patriotic

48. In the national flag, the green color represents
A. Vegetation
B. Peace
C. Citizen color
D. Blood shaded

49. In Kenya census is carried after every how many years?
A. 10
B. 3
C. 5
D. 20

50. The total number of members of parliament in the national assembly is?
A. 12
B. 290
C. 47
D. 350

51. Which one of the following is a river is found in rift valley
A. R. nyando
B. R. turkana
C. R. tana
D. River sondu

52. Which one of the following is a form of democracy?
A. Appointment of class monitor by class teacher
B. Citizens participating in referendum
C. Class teacher appoint monitor to clean the class room
D. Children slashing the school compound

53. Which of the following climatic regions of eastern Africa has double maxima rainfall pattern
A. Tropical climatic region
B. Coastal tropical region
C. Equatorial climatic region
D. Semi desert climatic region

54. Which one of the following is not a requirement for voter in kenya?
A. One must register with the IEBC
B. One must produce the national identity card on the polling
C. One must living in the constituency where he or she intend to vote
D. One must vote at the polling station where he or she registered

55. What is the tittle given to the leader among the Nandi community
A. katikiro
B. koitalel arap Samoe
C. orkoiyot
D. oloibon

Use the diagram below to answer question
56. The point marked Y is ___
A. North North East
B. North North West
C. East North East
D. West North West.

57. Which one of the following features is the odd one out?
A. River
B. Plateau
C. Swamp
D. Lake

58. Which one of the following factors has mainly influenced population distribution in the Miombo Woodlands of Tanzania?
A. Climate
B. Drainage
C. Pests and diseases
D. Relief

59. Black cotton soils are suitable for irrigation because __
A. They are found in flat areas.
B. They are easy to plough
C. They do not allow water to pass through easily
D. They are fertile and do not need manure.

60. The current cabinet secretary for Education is called ___
A. Amina Mohammed
B. Fred Matiang’i
C. William Ruto
D. George Magoha


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