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Class 8 Christian Religious Education End of Term 2 Examination 2021

Class: Class 8

Subject: CRE

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 8 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary


1. The main teaching of the book of Genesis chapter one is that:-
A. Human beings were made in the image of God B. Human beings were given authority over animals
C. God is the creator of the universe
D. Creation was done in 6 days

2. The sign of the covenant between God and Noah was:-
A. Fire
B. Circumcision
C. Rain
D. Rainbow

3. Joseph and Benjamin were favourite sons of Jacob because they were the only children of:-
A. Rachel
B. Rebeccah
C. Leah
D. Sarah

4. During the Passover feast the Israelites had to eat while standing mainly because:-
A. They wanted to leave before Egyptians could kill them
B. They wanted to save time
C. They wanted to show that they had to leave Egypt immediately
D. It was a symbol of God’s presence

5. Which of the following books was not written by Moses?
A. Numbers
B. Judges
C. Exodus
D. Deuteronomy

6. The Lord said; “The time is coming when I will make a covenant with people of Israel and the people of Judah. The above was a prophecy of:-
A. Jeremiah
B. Micah
C. Isaiah
D. Joel

7. Which prophet prophesied the refugee status of Jesus in Egypt?
A. Joel
B. Isaiah
C. Hosea
D. Jeremiah

8. “Wherever you go I will go; wherever you live I will live; your God will be my God. “These words were said by ____ to _____.
A. Samuel to David
B. Naomi to Oprah
C. Ruth to Naomi
D. Boaz to Ruth

9. The first king of Israel was ______.
A. Solomon
B. David
C. Ahab
D. Saul

10. . The parents of John the Baptist were ___ and _____.
A. Zachariah and Elizabeth
B. Elkanah and Hannah
C. Ruth and Boaz
D. Joseph and Mary

11. . “This is my own dear son with whom I am well pleased.” These words were spoken during Jesus _____.
A. ascension
B. resurrection
C. baptism
D. crucifixion

12. Which parable of Jesus teaches about the growth of the church?
A. The parable of the mustard seed
B. The lost coin
C. The parable of the sower
D. The parable of the Good Samaritan

13. The miracle that shows that Jesus had power over nature is:-
A. Healing the blind man
B. Commanding the wind
C. Healing the paralyze man
D. Raising the centurion son

14. In which garden did Jesus take his disciples after the last supper?
A. Mount Olives
B. Golgotha
C. Mt. Sinai
D. Gethsemane

15. Happy are those who are merciful to others _____.
A. God will satisfy them fully
B. God will call them his children
C. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them
D. God will be merciful to them

16. Who was the disciple who spoke to the crowd on the day of Pentecost?
A. Mathew
B. Paul
C. Peter
D. Barthlomew

17. The following were ways in which Christians suffered for their faith. Which one is not?
A. Thrown in prison
B. Were whipped
C. They were stoned to death
D. Involved in a road accident

18. Which one of the following is not a letter?
A. Ephesians
B. Colosians
C. Timothy
D. Mathew

19. The best way for a Christian to help a beggar is to:-
A. Pray for them
B. Tell him Jesus loves you
C. Give him money
D. Help him find employment

20. Who said that “faith without action is dead?”
A. Timothy
B. Peter
C. James
D. Paul

21. Which of the following was not given to Gikuyu by God after creation?
A. Nine sons
B. Animals to rear
C. A lot of wealth
D. Land to cultivate

22. Education in the traditional African society was aimed at:-
A. Character moulding
B. Acquiring a degree
C. Preparation for marriage
D. Cattle keeping

23. The stream of life in African Traditional Society includes the _____, the living. The living dead and the ancestors.
A. Married
B. Unborn
C. Initiation
D. Non-living

24. Which of the following is not a stage of new life in Traditional African Society?
A. birth
B. confirmation
C. marriage
D. death

25. According to the Bukusu creation story, were Khabaka’s two assistants were Mukhobe and:-
A. Gikuyu
B. Mumbi
C. Murumwa
D. Nyasaye

26. Which one of the following activities in a Christian life is an example of the gift of the Holy Spirit?
A. Collecting offerings
B. Cleaning the church
C. Preaching the word of God
D. Reading the Bible

27. Which one of the following is a fruit of the Holy Spirit?
A. Self-control
B. Faith
C. Wisdom
D. Knowledge

28. You were playing with your friends in the field who picked sh. 20, as a Christian, what is the best advice to give to your friend?
A. Tell her to take the money to her parent B. Ask her you share the money
C. Tell her to go and buy sweets
D. Tell her to take the money to the teacher on duty

29. Halima a std 8 pupil, carries an umbrella to school and it does not rain. When she fails to carry, it rains. What type of suffering is Halima likely to undergo.
A. Physical suffering
B. Emotional suffering
C. Mental suffering
D. Spiritual suffering

30. The first mission station was built at ____.
A. Kaimosi
B. Kisumu
C. Nairobi
D. Raba


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