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Class 7 Science End of Term 2 Examination 2021

Class: Class 7

Subject: Science

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 7 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary


1. Which one of the following is NOT a function of a leaves on a plant?
A. Storing food in some plants
B. Transporting water and mineral salts
C. Transpiration
D. Photosynthesis

2. Taking drugs recommended NOT for disease treatment is known as?
A. Drug abuse
B. Drug addiction
C. Vaccination
D. Drug misuse

3. Which one of the following diseases is usually immunized at the age of nine months
A. Measles
B. Polio
C. Tetanus
D. Whooping cough

4. Which one of the following drugs can lead to increase appetite?
A. Khat
B. Tobacco
C. Bhang
D. Cocaine

5. The type of manure made by cutting growing crop into piece s and then ploughing them into the soil in the farm is
A. Compost manure
B. Green manure
C. Farm yard manure
D. Organic manure

6. Birds are not different from mammals since both of them
A. Breath by means of gills
B. Are cold blooded
C. Are warm blooded
D. Cannot feed their young once on milk

7. The following are the characteristics of all Animals EXCEPT one, which one?
A. Feeding
B. Removing wastes
C. Making food
D. Reacting to change in the surroundings

8. The following are signs and symptoms of water born disease.
(i) Blood in the urine and stool
(ii) Skin rashes
(iii) Severe itching of the bowels and bladder
The above are signs and symptoms of
A. Bilharzia
B. Cholera
C. Typhoid
D. Dysentery

9. The jar used for measuring rainfall should be
A. Long and white
B. Short and narrow
C. Short and wide
D. Long and narrow

10. The following are characteristics of certain vertebrates.
(i) Give birth to young once
(ii) Live in water
(iii) Are warm blooded
The animal is LIKELY to be?
A. Amphibians
B. Fish
C. Duck-billed platypus
D. Whale

11. Farmers are usually advised to carry out Mulching MAINLY to
A. Preventing soil erosion
B. Conserve moisture
C. Eradicate weeds
D. Make the soil fertile

12. Which one o the following is a leguminous crop
A. beans
B. Kales.
C. pigweed
D. Carrot

13. Empty medicine containers should be;
A. Thrown away
B. Re-used at home
C. Buried in the soil
D. Locked up in the cupboards

14. One of the following type of erosion is a form of landside which one?
A. Sheet erosion
B. Rill erosion
C. Gulley erosion
D. Splash erosion

15. Std six pupils of Umoja academy were carring out an experiment where they set up their apparatus as shown below what investigation were they carrying out
A. Germination of seed
B. Boiling
C. Transpiration
D. Photosynthesis

16. The experiment was LIKELY set to show the presence of
A. Water in Air
B. Air in the soil
CWater in the soil
D. Air in water

17. The diagram below shows a tooth defect. Which of the following cannot help prevent the defect?
A. Brush teeth irregularly.
B. Avoid sugary food.
C. Take foods rich in calcium and phosphorus.
D. Use teeth for the right purpose.

18. Which of the following animal feeds is stored in silos?
A. Pasture
B. Fodder
C. Hay
D. Silage

19. Which two parts of the breathing system have hair and mucus?
A. Air Sacs, nose.
B. Nose, Trachea.
C. Nose, bronchus.
D. Nose, lungs.

20. Objects either in motion or stationary remain at the same state unless a force is applied. This is due to principle.
A. Weight.
B. Inertia.
C. Friction.
D. Density

14. Which of the following is the correct order of development stages of a baby during pregnancy?
A. Foetus, embryo, zygote
B. Embryo, zygote, foetus
C. Zygote, foetus, embryo
D. Zygote, embryo, foetus

21. The type of roots found near the base of maize stems are used for
A. Absorbing water
B. Absorbing mineral salts
C. Breathing
D. Offering extra support

22. Which of the following feeds is not common in zero grazing?
A. Fodder
B. Silage
C. Pasture
D. Hay

23. The diagram below shows a form of soil erosion. What is the name given to this type of erosion?
A. Rill erosion
B. Sheet erosion
C. Gulley erosion
D. Splash erosion

24. The MOST appropriate weather instrument to use when measuring the strength of wind is the
A. Thermometer
B. Raingauge
C. Windvane
D. Windsock

25. The soil that drains water slowest
A. Has small air spaces
B. Has poor capillarity
C. Has rough texture
D. Does not make ribbons

26. The following are functions of the nose EXCEPT:-
A. It helps to warm the air
B. It moistens the air
C. It filters the air
D. It protects the air sacks

27. Which one of the following is NOT a myth about AIDS?
A. AIDS is caused by witchcraft
B. AIDS is a curse from gods
C. AIDS does not affect fat people
D. AIDS is real

28. Plants which feed on dead decaying matter are called _______
A. Mushrooms
B. Saprophytes
C. Parasites
D. Creepers

29. Which one of the following livestock feeds is prepared by the fermentation process?
A. Hay
B. Pasture
C. Fodder
D. silage

30. Which one of the following drugs is a preventive drug?
A. B.C.G
B. Panadol
C. Penicillin
D. Malaraquin

31. Which one of the following is NOT part of a food chain?
A. Photosynthesis
B. Consumer
C. Producer
D. Decomposer

32. Which one of the following blood vessel carries blood to the right side of the heart?
A. Pulmonary vein
B. Aorta
C. Venacava
D. Pulmonary artery

Use the diagram below to answer questions 33-37
33. Which statement below is CORRECT about the blood vessel marked W? It carries _______.
A. blood from the lungs
B. blood to the lungs
C. blood to the body parts
D. de-oxygenated blood

34. Which chamber pumps blood that is scarlet red in color?
A. U
B. V
C. X
D. Y

35. The blood vessel marked X is the
A. Aorta
B. Vena cava
C. Pulmonary vein
D. Pulmonary artery

36. Which of the following statements is NOT correct? The blood vessel marked Y
A. Carries deoxygenated blood
B. Is the major artery in the circulatory system?
C. Carries blood to the body organs
D. Is the aorta

37. The blood vessel marked Z is
A. Venacava
B. is the pulmonary artery
C. is the aorta
D. pulmonary Vein

38. Which one of the following is a egg laying mammal
A. cow
B. sheed
C duck bile platypus
D. rat

39. Which one of the following is NOT a narcotic drug?
A. Tobacco
B. Mandrax
C. Heroin
D. Cocaine

40. The diagram below represents a tooth of a human being. Which is the function of the tooth?
A. Grinding
B. Chewing
C. . Crushing
D. . Biting

41. A patient had pale finger nail, shortness, of breath and felt dizzy. The patient is most likely suffering from
A. Kwashiorkor
B. Marasmus
C. Anaemia
D. Rickets

42. How does heat from a fire reach a person sitting two metres away?
A. By convection
B. By radiation
C. By conduction
D. By absorption

43. When HIV attacks the body. Which blood component is mostly affected?
A. Red cells
B. White cells
C. Plasma
D. Platycoelous

44. The green colored substances that plant use during photosynthesis is called
A. Stomata
B. Chlorophyll
C. Wax
D. Pollen grains

45. The gas necessary for combustion in the air has a percentage of
A. 0.97%
B. 21%
C. 0.03%
D. 78%

46. Through which of the following is the transmission of sound poorest?
A. Metal
B. wood
C. Air
D. water

47. Std 5 pupils carried out the experiment below: The pupils were investigating?
A. Transpiration
B. Evaporation
C. Respiration
D. Absorption

48. All the following are TRUE about all mammals EXCEPT:-
A. They all give birth
B. They suckle their young ones
C. Their bodies are covered by fur
D. They have constant body temperature

49. Which of the following planets is nearer to the earth?
A. Mercury
B. Saturn
C. Neptune
D. Uranus

50. Which one of the following is the main difference between a fruit and a seed? Fruit have
A. Two cotyledons
B. Many seeds
C. Flesh
D. A pair of scars


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