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Grade 4 English Activities End of Term 2 Examination 2021

Class: Grade 4

Subject: English Activities

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Grade 4 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary


Use the correct article to fill in the blanks. (4 marks)
1. Fatuma bought __________ orange from the market.

2. _______ umbrella is used to protect from sunshine.

3. _______ pen belongs to the teacher.

4. Grandmother bought _______ apple from the market

Identify and underline the regular and irregular nouns in the sentences below ( 4marks)
5. The songs were sung by our church

6. The women loved cooking.

7. He does not pay his taxes

8. The farmer is feeding his oxen.

Make sentences using the following pair of words.
e.g., The boy was bought for a beautiful toy (boy – toy)
9. noise – enjoy (2 marks)

10. coin – point (2 marks)

11. join – tie (2 marks)

Complete the following similes.
12. As busy as (1 mark)

13. As easy as (1 mark)

Write the plural of the words below. (4 marks)
14. Invitation

15. Tax

16. Ribbon

17. Gift

Use the correct form of the word in bracket to complete the following sentence. (4 marks)
18. My aunt cuts oranges with four _________(knife)

19. My mother has a broken_______(tooth)

20. Two __________will go to the birthday party. (child)

21. Our friends own nine__________(goose)

Which words have the same sounds as underlined in the word below
Peg (2 marks)
(Pen, main, bag, beg)

Use “a lot” or “a lot of” to fill the gaps appropriately
22. We respect our parents__________(1 mark)

23. Children lie __________to avoid being punished (1 mark)

24. __________people use correct sentences in their speech. (1 mark)

Read the story below and answer the questions that follow.
Mother falls sick
Sandra was nine years old. She lived with her mother, father, sister and two brothers. It was his sister Tamara’s birthday, so her mother was going to cook a nice meal for the family. Sandra was very happy.
However, late that day, Sandra’s mother told the family that she was not feeling well. She needed to rest and would not be able to cook dinner. Father would cook instead. Sandra, with her brothers and sister felt sad and a little angry. They knew their father would not cook a delicious meal as their mother would. In fact, Tamara cried behind the house and refused to talk to anyone.
Sandra and her brother Naaman decided to do something that could make them and the rest of the family better. They made two cards: a get-well card for their mother and a birthday card for Tamara. This cheered everyone up. Later in the afternoon, Mother felt worse. Father decided to take her to the hospital. The doctor did some blood tests in the laboratory and brought the results.
“What is the mother suffering from?” Sandra asked. “ Your mother has been infected with a virus called HIV. She is required to take her medicine, eat a balanced diet and exercise sufficiently. She will be fine,” Father explained.

25. Why did Sandra’s father decide to take their mother to the hospital? (2 marks)

26. What kind of diseases was Sandra’s mother infected with? (1 mark)

27. How did Sandra and her siblings felt when their father was the one to cook? (1 mark)

28. How did the sickness affect the children in the story? (2 marks)

Write a composition about the first celebration you have attended (10 marks)


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