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 Form 3 History and Government Lessons on Colonial Administration

Main differences between french and british colonial administration

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Answer Text:
Main differences between French and British colonial Administration.
a) The British were keen to appoint traditional rulers as chiefs. The French on the other hand were not keen to appoint traditional rulers but simply handpicked individuals who met their qualifications (those who embraced French culture and civilization).
b) The British gave the traditional rulers a lot of power, unlike the French – who undermined African chieftaincies.
c) The British colonies were administered separately by a governor accountable to Britain, unlike the French colonies which were governed as federations equated to provinces of France.
d) Most of the French administrators were military officers. The British used a mixture of amateurs and professionals.
e) Whereas the British applied mainly the policy of indirect rule, the French applied the policy of assimilation and later, association.