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 Form 3 History and Government Lessons on Colonial Administration

Effects of british rule in zimbabwe

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Answer Text:
Effects of British rule in Zimbabwe.
a) It led to African land alienation by white settlers/ Africans were displaced from their ancestral lands.
b) The establishment of white settlement subjected Africans to abject poverty and suffering. Africans were subjected to intense economic exploitation through taxation and forced labour.
c) African traditional economy was undermined as many of the Africans were forced to work for the Europeans.
d) African interests were ignored in the day-to-day running of the colony.
e) African traditional rulers lost their autonomy and became mere puppets of British administration.
f) African cultures were undermined, for example
through the separation of families as people sought alternative livelihood.
g) The white settlers were to enhance the production of cash crops as transport, trade and industry were developed.
h) Africans were denied freedom of movement and confined I reserves.
i) Positively, it led to development of transport network the region.
j) It led to introduction of new crops in the region
k) It led to rise of nationalism as many Africans could no longer bear the burden of suffering in the hands of the whites.