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 Form 3 History and Government Lessons on Colonial Administration

Factors that undermined the application of the french policy of assimilation in west africa

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Answer Text:
Factors that undermined the application of the French policy of assimilation in West Africa.
a) There was opposition by local people who did not want the French to interfere with their culture.
b) The Traditional African rulers resisted the policy since they did not want to lose their authority and influence over the assimilated people.
c) The French traders in West Africa also opposed the system they viewed assimilated Africans as a potential threat to their commercial monopoly in the region.
d) The policy of assimilation ran the risk of undermining the very foundation of French colonialism, as it was not possible to exploit Africans who had attained the assimile status.
e) Missionary school system of education undermined the French policy of assimilation since there was segregation in provision of mission education.