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 Form 3 History and Government Lessons on Colonial Administration

Assimilation policy used by the french and its features

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Answer Text:
Assimilation policy used by the French
This was a system of administration in which French colonies were given a culture and civilization similar to that of France. This system was influenced by the French revolution of 1789, which emphasized the equality of all men.
In Africa, it was perfected by Lewis Faidherbe in
Senegal when he was governor from 1854 to 1865.
To many historians Assimilation was a deliberate French policy to help them destroy African Chieftaincies and Kingdoms that were thriving at the time of their arrival.
Features of Assimilation Policy
(a) Africans to learn the French language.
(b) To practice the French legal system.
(c) To apply the French civil and political system.
(d) To convert to Christianity and learn French mannerism including eating and dressing habits
-Later on assimilation evolved into association which had been first applied in Africa in central Africa by Savorgnan de Brazza.