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 Form 3 History and Government Lessons on Colonial Administration

The british south african company administrative structure in Southern Rhodesia (1905-1923)

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Answer Text:
The BSAC administrative structure in Southern Rhodesia (1905-1923):
-The government was headed by a resident Commissioner who was appointed by the Company stationed at Salisbury.
- Below him were various commissioners in charge of the Districts (all Europeans).
- Below them were African Chiefs whose duty included collecting tax, recruiting labour and maintaining law and order.
- In 1898, a LEGCO was established –heavily dominated by the European settlers. An Executive Council, consisting of the Resident Commissioner and 4 nominees of BSA.Co was also established.
In 1902, a Native Affairs Department, headed by a European Native
-Commissioner was created thus entrenching the dominance of Europeans in Zimbabwe.
- For lack of enough valuable minerals in Zimbabwe as expected, the Europeans compensated by acquiring large tracts of land from African communities with some having grants of upto 3000 acre pieces of land.
-The Company relinquished control in 1923 to for Zimbabwe to become a crown colony.