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 Form 3 History and Government Lessons on Colonial Administration

The industrial conciliation act of 1934 of the british south african company

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Answer Text:
The Industrial Conciliation Act of 1934 of the BSAC
-The prime objective of the Act was to protect white workers from African competition.
-The government through the act prohibited Africans from setting up a trade union.
-Africans from beyond southern Rhodesia were imported to provide labour to the whites at low wages.
-The act resulted in relegation of Africans to the lowest level while skilled jobs were set aside for the Europeans.
-The two acts resulted in the humiliating conditions for the Africans which resulted in the rise of African Nationalism that continued more after the Second World War.
-As an answer to African agitation, the government invited more white settlers giving them more large tracts of land.
-The settlers also began to agitate for the formation of a federation of the three central African territories (southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland).