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 Form 4 Geography Sample Exam Questions and Answers

State three ways in which human activities are a threat to wildlife

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Answer Text:
1. Overgrazing by livestock where grazing is allowed leading to destruction of the natural habitat for wildlife.
2. Destruction of vegetation by tourists’ vehicles which reduces the amount of food for browsing animals.
3. Encroachment of land which was formerly reserved for wildlife by clearing land for settlement and agriculture which has led to killing of animals.
4. Overfishing which threatens the survival of certain species of fish and other marine life.
5. Environmental pollution such as release of sewage from lodges which pollutes the water leading to the poisoning of animals which
drink it e.g. at L. Nakuru where it has led to the death of flamingos and noise pollution from vehicles and people which disturbs animals making them unable to feed well.
6. Poaching by illegal hunters has reduced the population of animals.