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 Form 4 Geography Sample Exam Questions and Answers

State three steps taken by the government to improve beef farming in Kenya.

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Answer Text:
- Educating farmers on strategies to improve their systems of livestock farming.
- Investigating the prevailing market situations and make appropriate recommendations.
- Creating Ranching schemes in arid and semi-arid (ASACS)
areas to improve livestock farming.
- Identifying possible financial institutions to farmers such as AFC and banks and advice farmers accordingly.
- Providing dipping facilities to improve the health of animals.
- Building dams to improve water in Reserves for the animals.
- Encouraging farmers to adopt modern methods of breeding beef cattle to improve on quality.
- Introducing pedigree British cattle in some suitable districts or cross breeding with indigenous breeds to improve on the quality of the animals
-Reviving the KMC which buys the beef cattle from farmers.