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 Form 4 Geography Sample Exam Questions and Answers

The diagrams below represent some fishing methods
(i) Name methods R and S
(ii) Describe how each of the two methods are used in fishing

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Answer Text:
i) R – Trawling
S –Basket fishing
(i) Basket fishing
-A basket with a cone opening with bait inside is used.
- It is placed at the shallow end of the water.
- The fish are attracted by the bait.
- Fish run to hide in the basket thy get inside and are trapped by the valves.
(ii) Trawling
A Bag like nets with small meshes (seine) attached to one or two boats on each end is cast into the sea. - It’s kept open and held in position by floats on top and weights at the bottom. - Fish move towards the net and get trapped. - The net is hauled over and fish emptied onto the ship or the net is hauled to the shore (haul seining).