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 Form 4 Geography Sample Exam Questions and Answers

Explain four human problems that face irrigation farming in Kenya.

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Answer Text:
(a) Diseases such as Bilhazia and malaria transmitted by vectors living in stagnant water which weaken and even kill farmers. (b) Payment of low prices to the farmers which kills the
morale of farmers and sometimes causing them to lease out part or whole of the field. (c) High cost of production making the farmers to sell their produce at high cost meaning the produce can’t compete favourably in the world market since the buyers will prefer cheaper produce. (d) Exhaustion of soil nutrients as a result of
continuous cultivation leading to poor yields. (e) Mismanagement of irrigation bodies leading to losses, lack of credit and low prices as each farmer tries to market his or her own crop. (f) Farmers lack the necessary technical advice to enhance their agricultural production as there are very few extension officers. (g) Shortage of labour during planting, weeding and
harvesting giving the farmers the burden of hiring labour at high cost. (h) Limited markets as a result of some schemes being located in sparsely populated areas e.g. Perkerra.