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 Form 4 Geography Sample Exam Questions and Answers

Explain any four ways in which fishing is significant to Kenya

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Answer Text:
(a) A source of income to fishermen and traders when they sell their catch to co-operatives and customers at a profit.
(b) A source of employment such as for those employed to catch fish, in fishing related industries such as making and repairing of boats and officers and clerks of co-operatives.
(c) It is a tourist attraction as it is a sporting activity done for enjoyment which is a source of foreign exchange and revenue to the government.
(d) A source of protein and food because it’s a major dish to some communities such as around L.Victoria and along the coastal strip.
(e) Has led to development of industries such as those depending on fish as a raw material e.g. fertilizer plants, for making cod liver oil, etc.
(f) A source of medicine whereby cod liver oil is used in alleviation of chest problems (g) Fish oil is used directly or indirectly as a source of cooking fat.
(h) For biological control of mosquitoes by introducing it
in water so as to feed on mosquito larvae thereby reducing mosquitoes and hence incidents of malaria transmission.
(i) Has led to development of transport system by e.g. an all-weather road from Kitale to Kalokol has made it easier for the fish from L.Turkana to get to the market.