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 Form 4 Geography Sample Exam Questions and Answers

Explain four problems which face marine fishing in Kenya

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Answer Text:
- Inadequate storage and preservation facilities which cause heavy losses on the fish caught.
- Occurrence of strong sea waves causing accidental drowning/destruction of fish vessels.
- Poor fishing equipment which confine the fishermen to a few meters of the continental shelf leading to low catch.
- Sparse population in the north coast and alternative economic activities in the south coast that lead to small market for fish.
- High prices of fish which discourage many people from eating it regularly.
- Local fishermen face stiff competition from foreign fishermen mainly from Korea and Japan who have adequate
and advanced facilities for deep sea fishing.
- Warm Mozambique currents and deep continental shelf which discourage the flourishing of fish.
- Regular coastline /few sheltered bays hence few sites for fish landing and breeding grounds.