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Form 3 End of Term 2 Christian Religious Education Paper 2 Exam 2021

Class: Form 3

Subject: CRE

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 3 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

PAPER 2 313/2
Answer FIVE questions in the answer booklet provided
1. a)Outline the message of Prophet Nathan about the Messiah(1 Sam 7:3-17) (6mks)
(b)Describe Mary’s visit to Elizabeth in Luke 1:39 – 56. (8mks)
(c)Give six ways in which the church has tried to improve the life of women in Kenya.
2. a) Describe the commissioning of the seventy two disciples (6mks)
(b)Outline eight methods used by Jesus to spread the Gospel. (8mks)
c) Give six difficulties experienced by evangelist in their missionary work today (6mks)

3. a) Give six reasons why Jesus cleansed the temple of Jerusalem (Luke 22:8-13) (6mks)
b) Outline the preparations that Jesus made for the last supper. (7mks)
c) Give reasons why peter denied Jesus (7Marks)

4. a) Relate Peters’ message on the day of Pentecost in (Acts 2:1-40). (7mks)
b) State ways in which the Holy Spirit was manifested on the day of Pentecost (6mks)
c).Give seven ways in which the fruit of Holy Spirit is misused in church today (7mks)

5. a) Explain the teaching of Jesus about the vine and the branches in John 15:1-10. (7mks)
b) State seven factors which brought disunity in the church at Corinth (7mks)
c) State six ways in which churches discipline those who cause disunity in the church today
6. a) Identify seven problems related to family life today. (7mks)
b) Give the reasons why the church in Kenya is opposed to same sex marriage. (7mks)
c) Explain six reasons that discourage victims of rape from reporting rape cases. (6mks)


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