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Form 1 English End of Term 2 Exam 2021

Class: Form 1

Subject: English

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 1 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

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Ensure that you answer all questions in the spaces provided.


Assume your best friend has invited to visit their family during the one week school holiday. Write a letter informing your friend that your parents have given you consent to visit them. Confirm the date and time of your planned visit.

Read the passage below and fill in each blank spaces with an appropriate word.
Around the world, forests are being (1) at a rate of about thirteen million hectares a year and deforestation accounts for an estimated 17% - 20% of all global emissions. In addition, forests and other terrestrial carbon sinks play a (2) role in preventing runaway climate change, soaking up a full 2.6 Gt of atmospheric carbon every year. The destruction of forests, therefore, not only emits carbon-a staggering 1.6 Gt a year, which severely (3) forests capacity to absorb emissions from other sources-but also drastically (4) the amount of forested land available to act as a carbon sink in the future.
However, the effects of deforestation extend beyond carbon. Rainforests (5) a wide variety of ecosystems services, from regulating rainfall to purifying groundwater and keeping fertile soil from (6) ; deforestation in one area can seriously damage food production and (7) to clean water in an entire region. The value of global ecosystem services has been estimated at 33 trillion USD each year (almost half of global GDP), but these services have been taken for granted without a mechanism to make the market reflect their value. Rainforests are also a home and (8) of income for a huge number of people in Africa, Asia and South America. (9) this, economic pressures frequently drive both logical communities and national governments in the developing world to (10) these forests in ways that are unsustainable, clear-cutting vast areas for fuel, timber, mining or agricultural land.

1. Underline the silent letters in the following words. (5marks)
i) Comb
ii) Calm
iii) Reign
iv) Car
v) Anchor

2. For each of the following words, write a word that is pronounced the same way (5mks)
i. Principle ……………………………………..
ii. Dye …………………………………….
iii. Weak …………………………………….
iv. Stationery …………………………………….
v. Sent …………………………………….

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. (20MKS)
You may think that expecting food to change your life is too much to ask. But have you considered that eating the right food at the right time will increase your energy, help you manage weight and ward off major illness? Researchers have found that eating a meal with plenty of protein leaves you feeling more satisfied for longer when compared to a meal loaded with low-quality carbohydrates. Your body takes longer to digest protein, leading to a gradual increase in blood sugar. The high-protein breakfast will therefore carry you through the morning and, more importantly, through your tea break. Many high carbohydrate meals are absorbed quickly and send blood sugar on a roller coaster ride, taking your appetite with it depleting your energy.
Many foods contain antioxidants, but fruits and vegetables may be the richest source behaving like chemical warriors, antioxidants neutralize N molecules known as free radicals before they damage arteries and body cells. This protects you from heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes. You can now see why antioxidants foods should be consumed in generous portions.
Actually, forget pills-antioxidants work best when consumed in foods. In fact, nutritionists recommend that we eat five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. It’s less daunting than it sounds: a portion equals a piece of fruit, there tablespoons of cooked vegetables or a glass of fresh juice.
And do you desire to relieve yourself of some baggage? Calcium is the latest weight loss star to appear on the scene. Scientists stumbled on its magic by accident. From a study that measured the blood pressure of obese people, it was discovered that those who took one large tub of yoghurt a day in their diet lost an average of eleven pounds of body fat in one year, even though they did not eat less.
A follow -up study found that people on a high -calcium diet lost more weight and fat than did people on low calcium diet-and a gain, both consumed the same number of calories. Researchers believe calcium encourages fat cells to stop “getting fatter”.
Instead, the cells burn extra fat without you having to go anywhere near a gymnasium. It probably sounds strange to say that you can eat more in order to lose weight.
Obviously, the question you should ask immediately is, “Eat more of what? We are talking about foods rich in fiber. They have what is referred to as low-energy density; that translates to few calories relative to weight. This means that you can down a mountain without fear of calorie overload. Fiber also aids weight loss because it’s filling. Most high-fiber foods take a lot of chewing, triggering your body’s fullness sensors. Moreover, you absorb the food more slowly so you feel full longer.
Will the wonders of food ever cease? Not if researchers in nutrition keep up their pace. Let them keep the good news flowing-such as the fact that we don’t have to starve ourselves to lose weight and keep diseases at a bay.

1. From information given in the first paragraph, how can you improve your life? (2mks)

2. Make notes on the effects of eating carbohydrates. (4mks)

3. Explain how free radicals contribute to the occurrence of high blood pressure and cancer. (3mks)

4. According to the passage, how can one use excess fat? (2mks)

5. In what two forms can antioxidants be consumed? (2mks)

6. Calcium is the latest weight loss star to appear on the scene. (supply question tag) (2mks)

7. According to the passage, how does fiber foods help in weight loss. (2rnks)

8. Explain the meaning of the following expressions as used in the passage. (3mrks)
i. Daunting

ii. Baggage

iii. Down a mountain

1. Choose the correct word from the ones in bracket and use it to fill in the blank spaces (3mks)
a) “I am sorry for the ,” said my friend. (loose, loss)
b) Why have you to eat raw bananas while we have ripe ones in the store? (chose, chosen)
c) We for our president each time we get an opportunity. (pray, prays)

2. Fill in the blank spaces with the appropriate articles where necessary. Use (an, the, a) (2 marks)
(a) I need to buy orange.
(b) Kilimanjaro is highest mountain in Africa.

3. Punctuate the following sentence correctly. (2mrk)
(a) can you tell me asked sibi how many syllables are in the word keep
(b) The textbooks said the teacher are not adequate.

4. Rewrite the following sentences as instructed. (4 marks)
(a) I would gladly have helped them were it not for the shortage of funds at the time. (Begin: But ...)

(b) What we need are such ideas. ( Begin: It is ...)

(c) The Board of Governors has been looking into the matter. (End: Board of Governors.)

(d) “How often do you come here?” Mathenge asked his friend.

Read the oral narrative below and then answer the questions that follow.

The Cowtail Swish
Once upon a time, there lived a much loved village chief. He loved hunting and would share the meat with the entire village. One day, he went hunting as usual but didn’t return. His people became very worried. They searched and searched for him.

As they searched, they kept singing his favorite song, hoping that he’d sing back in response. The song echoed throughout the forest:

Mother nature, mother nature You have enough for all
Mother nature, may my arrow find much meat
Meat to feed all my people
After a long fruitless search, the chief was presumed dead. Shortly afterwards, his wife gave birth to their seventh son. With his first breath, he asked, “What happened to my father?”

“Have you ever seen anything like this?” the villagers whispered among themselves in amazement.

“Never, ever!” was the soft reply all round. Immediately, the newborn’s question prompted his six older brothers to embark on another search for their father. It was with sadness that they discovered that he’d been swallowed by a python.

Luckily, each of them was endowed with special talents and powers which they combined to restore their father’s life. The whole village danced and danced, the joyful pata pata of their feet resounding throughout the village.

Now, a big, big problem arose; who among the sons would become heir one day and receive the Cow-tail swish which was the symbol of authority? Each of the six sons claimed that it was his magical powers that had brought their father back from the land of the spirits. Each claim sounded as valid and as potent as the next.

In confusion, the villagers scratched their heads like chickens scratching the ground. “Well, our land has many rivers, each with its source. Likewise, the search that eventually led to the restoration of my life had a source,” the chief said in a tone of finality.

All the eyes of the villagers turned on the infant son. They remembered the proverb that says: a man is only truly dead when he is not remembered.

(a) Illustrate any four features that show that this is an oral narrative. (4 marks)

(b) Which gesture would you use while saying the words: “With the entire village” in the first paragraph? (1 mark)

(c) Which is the main sound feature used in the song? (2 marks)

(d) Identify an idiophone in the story. (1 mark)

(e)Why should we say that the above narrative is a fictional narrative? (1mark)


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