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Form 3 English End of Term 2 Exam 2021

Class: Form 3

Subject: English

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 3 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary


Ensure you answer all questions in this paper. The total marks of all questions is 100marks.

Imagine that you are qualified teacher of Mathematics and Chemistry. You have been looking for a greener pasture and you have come across the advertisement below. Respond appropriately.

Brook house school in Nairobi is seeking to recruit a competent qualified teacher of mathematics.

Relevant degree
Two years’ experience in British curriculum Willing to work for long hours
Any relevant co-curriculum activities Mathematics plus another teaching subject

How to apply
Applications should be submitted to;
The director
Brook house school
P. O box 24987 Nairobi.

Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with appropriate word
Different types of oral literature have (1) ,if not identical functions. One can use stories, riddles and proverbs, among other kinds of oral literature, to express (2) It is (3) true to say that one type of oral literature may have many different(4)………….For example a work song that(5) people to pull together in their effort may also be sung as entertainment for children, or as a political weapon when people are competing for parliamentary elections. It is (6)………important that when one is collecting a song, one must also find out for what purpose its being sung.(7)…………the text of the song is important, its context must(8)………be well known. The interest of the song is greatly enhanced and it’s given (9)…………proper character by the (10)… in which it is sung.

Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow. (20 marks)

Most people believe that when someone is lying they smile more than usual, but research shows the opposite is true — they smile less. The difficulty with lying is that the subconscious mind acts automatically and independently of our verbal lie, so our body language gives us away. This is why people who rarely tell lies are usually caught, regardless of how convincing they may sound. The moment they begin to lie, their body sends out contradictory signals, and these give us a feeling that they’re not telling the truth. During the lie, the subconscious mind sends out nervous energy which appears as a gesture that can contradict what was said.

Professional liars, have refined their body gestures to the point where it is difficult to “see” the lie, and people fall for it, hook, line, and sinker . They do it in one of the two ways. First, they practice what “feel” like the right gestures when they tell the lie, but this only works when they have practiced telling a lot of lies over long periods of time. Second, they can reduce their gesturing so that they don’t use any positive or negative gestures while lying, but that’s also hard to do.

Try this simple test—tell a deliberate lie to someone face-to-face and make a conscious effort to suppress all body gestures. Even when your major body gestures are consciously suppressed, numerous small micro-gestures will still be transmitted. These include facial muscular twitching, dilation and contraction of pupils, sweating, flushed cheeks, eye-blinking rate increasing from 10 blinks per minute to as many as 50 blinks per minute, and many other micro-signals that indicate deceit.

Research using slow-motion cameras shows that these micro-gestures can occur within a split second and it’s only people such as professional interviewers, salespeople, and the very perceptive who can read them.

It’s obvious then that to be able to lie successfully you need to have your body hidden or out of sight. Police interrogation often involves placing the person on a chair in the open or placing him under lights with his body in full view of the interrogators; his lies are much easier to see under these circumstances. Lying is easier if you’re sitting behind a desk where your body is parti ally hidden, or if you’re peering over a fence, or from behind a closed door. The best way to lie is over the telephone or in an email.

(Adapted from Body Language by Allan and Barbara Pease. London: Orion, 2004 )

(a) According to the passage, what is the connection between lying and smiling? (2 marks)

(b) According to the passage, how do professional liars manage to hide their deception? (4 marks)

(c) The passage suggests a simple test which involves tel ling a deliberate lie and consciously suppressing all body gestures. What are the results? (2 marks)

(d) Explain how police interrogators use their knowledge of how body language relates to spoken language. (2 marks)

(e) Make notes on the relationship between lying and our body language as revealed in the passage. (5 marks)

(f) How can we tell that the authors of this passage do not approve of lying? (2 marks)

(g) “The subconscious mind sends out nervous energy.” Rewrite beginning: Nervous (1 mark)

(h) Explain the meaning of each of the following as used in the passage:

(i) fall for it, hook, line and sinker; (1 mark)

(ii) perceptive. (1 mark)

(a) Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.

Sweet and low, sweet and low, Wind and the western sea, Low, low, breath and blow, Wind of the western sea!
Over the rolling waters go,
Come from the dying moon, and blow, Blow him again to me;
While my little one, while my pretty one, sleeps.

Sleep and rest, sleep and rest, Father will come to thee soon; Rest, rest of mother’s breast; Father will come to thee soon;
Father will come to his babe in the nest, Silver sales all out of the nest of the west Under the silver moon;
Sleep my little one, sleep, my pretty one, sleep.

Alfred Lord Tennyson


i) State any two pairs of rhyming words from the above poem(2mks)

ii) Apart from rhyme, with illustration from the poem, identify any other 2 techniques that have been used by the poet to create rhythm in this poem (4mks)

iii) If you were to classify the above poem as a song, in which category would you place it and why?(2mks)

iv) If you were to recite this poem to its target audience, how would you recite the last line of the last stanza? (2mks)


He is Jolly good boss
Sits behind a shiny mahogany desk
Dreamy and contented like an over-fed python That has just swallowed a bearded goat.

He is a good nurtured fellow
Always patting the rumps of secretaries in tight skirts Which say: marry me if you dare,
Laughs absent mindedly and sinks back into dear oblivion

He is an industrious head
Gets dog- tired early in the morning from signing a few papers Whose content he is mildly aware of
And leaves for lunch and for the day at 11:30 a.m.

And grudging envy.
He is a mighty generous comrade

He is humorous chap
Jokes about how he is underpaid and overworked to his juniors

Who laugh subserviently to conceal their indignation. Brags about his Christ heart.
Being a proud donor of a few bastards To guileless girls under him,
And believes his is a God-sanctioned mission That dates back to Abraham.
He is a jolly good boss,
A perfect paragon of leadership.

Kitche O Magak

i) Briefly explain any two thematic concerns explored in the poem above.(4marks)

ii) Discuss any two character traits of the Jolly Good Boss as portrayed in the poem.(4marks)

iii) Comment on the tone of the poem. (3marks)

iv) Explain the figure of speech used in the first stanza of the poem.(2marks)

v) Identify any two instances of alliteration in the poem above.(2marks)

vi) Explain the following words and expressions as used in the poem (3marks)
(a) Indignation
(b) Guileless
(c) God-sanctioned mission

vii) would you say that the Jolly Good Boss is a perfect paragon of leadership? Give a reason for your answer. (1mk)

a) Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Do not change the meaning. (2marks)
(i) I shall go to Tina’s party on condition that I am invited. (Rewrite as one sentence beginning: Unless…)
(ii) I did not know that there was trouble ahead (Begin: Little….)

b) Fill in the blank spaces with the most appropriate prepositions.(3marks)
i) He is angry his brother.
ii) The students have to abide the rules and regulations of the school.
iii) The church is infallible matters of faith.

c) Place the most appropriate question tags at the end of the following statements.(2marks)
i) Let’s go to the theatre……………..
ii) I am rather late……….………..

d) Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate pronoun. (3marks)
i) The children and ought to have left if we want to arrive there before dark.
ii) Since the obtained the highest grade, the school give the award to no one else but ……………
iii) The organizers have invited Mwamburi and but I don’t intend to go.

(e) Complete each of the following sentences using the correct phrasal verb formed form the word given in brackets. (3 marks)
(i) The bomb______at around midnight. (go)
(ii) You have to______to her what do. (spell)
(iii) Mwangi has______the lights because he wants to sleep. (turn)

(f) Fill in each of the blank spaces with an appropriate word. (4 marks)
(i) A short story revolves a main character.
(ii) The teacher was grateful the students’ input.
(iii) He has been leave since last week.
(iv) Her life was riddled Contradictions.

(g)Choose the correct article to fill in the blanks in the sentences below.(an, a ,the) 3marks
i) The thief was sent to______prison.
ii) Our city will have______University soon.
iii) This is______car I bought yesterday.


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