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Form 2 Computer Studies End Term 2 Exams 2021

Class: Form 2

Subject: Computer Studies

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 2 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

PAPER 1 (Theory) 451/1

1. State two characteristics of microcomputers. (2mks)

2. State the functions of the following keyboard key combinations: (3mks)
(a) CTRL + ESC:
(b) ALT + F4
(c) CTRL + ALT + DEL
3. Explain two ways through which data loss can be prevented on magnetic media especially hard disk. (2mks)

4. Explain portability with regard to software and hardware factors to consider when selecting a computer. (2mks)

5. (a) Explain each of the following formatting features in Microsoft Word: (4mks)
Drop Cap:


(b) State any two paragraph formatting features in Microsoft Word. (2mks)

6. List any three internet connectivity requirements. (3mks)

7. (a) State and explain one key control measure against computer viruses. (2mks)

(b) State two control measures against an unauthorized access. (2mks)

8. List three career opportunities in ICT. (3mks)

9. a) State two ways in which computers are used in law enforcement. (2mks)

10. Outline two effects of ICT on employment. (2mks)

11. State and explain the function of two special purpose memories. (4mks)

12. (a) List and explain the functions of two computer buses. (4mks)

(b) The formula = $B2 + C$4 is entered in cell C5 and then copied to D10. Write down the formula as it appears in the destination cell. (3mks)

(c) State two reasons why smaller computers like Laptops tend to be more expensive than Desktop computers. (2mks)

(d) List and give examples three categories of post-secondary institutions where one can advance computer skills after sitting for KCSE. (6mks)

(e) List four examples of:-
(i) Third Generation Languages. (2mks)

(ii) Object Oriented Languages. (2mks)

(f) Define the term Ergonomics. (2mks)

13. (a) Describe the following terms as used in relation to expert systems. (6mks)
(i) User interface

(ii) Knowledge base

(iii) Interference Engine

(b) i) Explain the meaning of ISP. (2mks)

ii) List four examples of ISPs. (2mks)

(c) List and explain four services offered by the internet. (4mks)

(d) Give two example of Internet search engine. (2mks)


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