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Geography Form 1 End Term 2 Examination 2021

Class: Form 1

Subject: Geography

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 1 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary

Answer all the questions
1. a) Briefly explain TWO branches of Geography (4 marks)

b) What is the relationship between Geography and (6 marks)
i. Mathematics

ii. Meteorology

iii. Biology

2. a. Define a theory (1 mark)

b. Narrate The Passing Star Theory stating two of its weaknesses (5 marks)

c. Distinguish between the Nebula Cloud Theory and the Collision Theory (4 marks)

3. a. Define the following terms:
i. Natural Satellite (1 mark)

ii. Meteorite (1 mark)

iii. Comet (1 mark)

b. What is the solar system? (2 marks)

c. Use the diagram below to answer the questions that follow.
i) What type of eclipse is represented by the diagram? (1 mark)

ii) Name the features marked L and M (2 marks)

iii) Give two dates of the year when day and nights are equal (2 marks)

4. a. State three effects both revolution and rotation of the earth (6 marks)

b. Explain 3 importance of studying geography (3 marks)

c. Define the earth’s axis (1 mark)

5. The diagram below shows the structure of the earth
(a) i) Name the parts marked P and Q (2mks)

(ii) The discontinuity marked R ( 1 mark)

iii) Name the minerals that make up Sima (2marks)

iv). Give four characteristics of the mantle (4 marks)

6. a. At Dar-es-Salaam 40◦E time is 12pm what is the time at Ecuador 40◦W? (3 Marks)

b. State five evidences which show that earth is spherical in shape (5 marks)

c. Give two reasons that support the belief that the interior of the earth is very hot (2 marks)

7. a. Give three qualities of Stevenson’s screen which makes it function effectively (3 marks)

b. State three factors considered when siting a weather station (3 marks)

c. Using a diagram explain how a rain gauge is used to measure rainfall. (4 marks)

8. a. Differentiate between fog and mist (2 marks)

b. Explain two types of fog (4 marks)

c. Define an air mass (1 mark)

d. Give three characteristics of an air mass (3 marks)

9. a. State and explain two factors affecting the speed and direction of wind (4 marks)

b. Give three advantages of using questionnaires to collect data (3 marks)

c. State three methods used in recording statistical data (3 marks)

10. a. What is Field work? (1 mark)

b. List and briefly explain the steps followed in a Field work procedure (5 marks)

c. Give four problems that can be encountered while doing a field study (4 marks)


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