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Form 2 Business Studies End Term 2 2021 Exam

Class: Form 2

Subject: Business Studies

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 2 End Term 2 Exams

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Exam Summary


Answer ALL questions in the spaces provided
1. List four functions of the entrepreneur as a factor of production. (4 marks)

2. State four circumstances under which the capital of a business may change. (4 marks)

3. Outline four disadvantages of operating a partnership form of business. (4 marks)

4. State four factors that can hasten the economic development of a country. (4 marks)

5. State four services rendered by a wholesaler to a retailer. (4 marks)

6. State four advantages of containerization as a mode of transport. (4 marks)

7. Highlight four uses of journals in a business. (4 marks)

8. Outline four functions of the office in an organization. (4 marks)

9. Outline four drawbacks that accrue to a society that practice subsistence production (4mks)

10. State four problems that may interfere with the effectiveness of face to face communication. (4 marks)

11. State four components of a business plan. (4mks)

12. Highlight four ways in which a firm can improve the productivity of its human resource.
(4 marks)

13. State four reasons why some countries are reluctant in implementing free trade agreement. (4 marks)

14. In which four ways are consumers benefiting from warehousing. (4 marks)

15. Highlight four disadvantages of producer co-operative societies. (4mks)

16. Highlight four factors that have limited the use of credit cards in Kenya. (4 marks)

17. Outline four circumstances under which firm may be located near a source of raw material (4mks)

18. State four features of a departmental store. (4mks)

19. State four reasons why new industries tend to be attracted to well- established towns.
(4 marks)

20. Highlight four factors that should be considered in choosing a method of distributing agricultural produce. ( 4 marks)

21. Highlight four features of general insurance. (4mks)

22. Outline four ways in which the insurance industry contributes to the development of Kenya’s economy. (4 marks)

23. Highlight four circumstances which may make personal selling appropriate as a way of product Promotion. (4mks)

24. State four ways in which the government may influence the price of a commodity. (4mks)

25. Highlight four measures that the government would undertake to provide investors with an enabling business environment. (4mks)


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