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Form 3 Business Studies Paper 1 End of Term 3 Exams 2021

Class: Form 3

Subject: Business Studies

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 3 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

1. State the unit of carriage for each of the following modes of transport 4mks)
Mode of transport unit of carriage
Porterage -
Cartage -
Sea -
Air -
2. Outline four elements of demographic environment that may influence the operation of a business. (4 marks)

3. State four reasons why consumers have to make choices between competing wants. (4marks)

4. In the spaces provided below, indicate the type of utility created by each of the following business activities

Business activity Type of utility (4marks)
Selling face masks to customers –
Transporting onions-
Storing onions in a granary-
Making a camera-
5. Outline four circumstances under which differed payment may be used (4marks)

6.State four advantages of transacting business through the internet. (4marks)

7. Outline four barriers to verbal communication 4 marks}

8 For each of the following transactions indicate the account to be debited and credited.(4 marks)
biz 1.PNG

9. Identify four benefits of international trade to a country (4marks)

10. Alice a retailer had a capital balance of sh.160,000 as at 30th June 2016. During the year ended June 30th 2017, the business made a profit of 130,000. Alice the proprietor made drawings of 1500 each month for her personal use. Compute the business capital as at 30th June 2017 (3marks)

11.Highlight four reasons that would make an organization use cell phones for communication within and outside the organization. ( 4marks)

12. State four benefits of “pooling of risks” to insurance company. (4marks)

13.Outline four circumstances under which a firm may locate its operations near the source of raw materials. (4 marks)

14. Highlight four measures that the government can take to reduce mortality rate in the country. (4marks)

15. Many countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia are considered as under developed. Outline four characteristics underdeveloped countries have in common. (4marks)

16. State four ways of improving service delivery in parastatals and state corporation. (4marks)

17.State four locations in a country where bonded warehouse are likely to be found. (4marks)

18. The quantity demanded and supplied of a certain commodity can be expressed as Qd=50+20p and QS= 20+16p respectively.
i) Equilibrium price (2marks)

ii) Equilibrium quantity ( 2 marks)

19.The diagram below shows a shift in supply curve form S0S0 to S1S1.

State four factors that may account for the above shift. (4marks).

20. Outline four contributions of the households to the national income of a country. (4marks)

21. State four circumstances under which a customer would prefer to be paid by a banker’s cheque. ( 4 marks)

22. Outline four benefits of becoming a member of a savings and credit cooperative society.(SACCO). (4marks)

23 Highlight four methods used by a monopolistic firm to differentiate products.(4marks)

24.State four circumstances under which a business firm may use photocopying as a means of reproducing documents. (4 marks)

25. Apart from government borrowing, outline four other sources of government revenue. (4marks)


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