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Form 1 Physics End of Term 3 Exam 2021

Class: Form 1

Subject: Physics

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 1 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

1. A stopwatch started 0.36s after the start button was pressed. The time recorded using a stopwatch for an athlete running from point A to B was 12.86s. Determine the actual time taken by the athlete. (3mks)

2. The figure below shows a brick of mass 8.0kg standing upright on the ground as shown.
What is the pressure it exerts on the ground? (g = 10N/kg) (3 marks)

3. State the relationship between Physics and Mathematics.(2mks)

4. State the property of light associated with formation of shadows. (1 mark)

5. State one way of increasing surface tension. (1mk)

6. Distinguish between Brownian motion and diffusion. (1mk)

7. The figure below shoes a Bunsen burner.
Explain how air is drawn into the burner when the gas tap is opened. (3mks)

8. A vacuum pump was used to pump out air from the glass immersed in liquids as shown below
After sometime the level of water rose to position X. Mark Y the corresponding position for the paraffin level. Give a reason for your answer. (3mks)

9. When a liquid is heated in a glass flask, it is observed that the level at first goes and then rises. Explain the observation. (3mks)

10. Give two ways of increasing sensitivity of a clinical thermometer. (2mks)

11. The figure below shows two mirrors M1 and M2 are inclined at right angles to each other. Trace the reflection of the ray through the two mirrors and find the angle between the incident ray and reflected ray of mirror M2. (3mks)

12.State any 2 ways of in increasing the size of an image formed by a fixed pinhole camera.(2 mks)

13. State 2 advantages of alkaline battery over a lead acid battery. (2 mks)

14. Negatively charged rod is brought near the cap of a lightly charged electroscope. The leaf divergence first reduces but as the rod comes nearer, it diverges more.
i) State the charge of the electroscope. (1 mark)

ii) Explain the behavior of the leaf above. (2 marks)

15. The Jupiter’s gravitational field strength is 26 N/Kg. What would be the weight of an object that weighs 30N on earth on Jupiter’s . (4 marks) (Take g = 10 N/Kg)

16. The figure below is of a gas jar completely filled with water and covered with a soft cardboard. State and explain the observation made when the set – up is suddenly inverted.
(3 marks)

17. In a vacuum flask the walls enclosing the vacuum are silvered on the inside. State the reason for this. (2 mks )

18. The reading on a mercury barometer at Mombasa is 760mm. Calculate the pressure at Mombasa (density of mercury is 1.36x104 Kgm-3 ) (4marks)

19. Explain the cause of random motion of smoke particles as observed in Brownian motion experiment using a smoke cell. (2marks)

20. When a Bunsen burner is lit below a wire gauze, it is noted that the flame initially burns below the gauze as shown in the figure below. After sometime the flame burns below as well as above the gauze.
Explain this observation (3 marks)


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