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Form 1 Business Studies End of Term 3 Exam 2021

Class: Form 1

Subject: Business Studies

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 1 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

1. Define the following terms as used in Business Studies: ( 3 Marks)

2. From the statements given below indicate the discipline described. (4 Marks)

3. List four benefits of studying business studies in secondary schools. (4 Marks)

4. Name four types business activities that a person can engage in (4 Marks)

5. Highlight four internal factors that influence a business (4 Marks)

6. The government has opened a factory near your home area, name four benefits the people around will get from the factory. (4 Marks)

7. Outline four characteristics of human wants (4 Marks)

8. Give four difficulties people face as they seek to satisfy human wants (4 Marks)

9. Highlight five reasons why people start business. (5 Marks)

10. List four differences between goods and services (4 Marks)

11. Name four natural sources of energy in Kenya. (4 Marks)

12. Indicate whether the following resources are renewable or non-renewable (4 Marks)

13. From the given statements, indicate the type of utility described (4 Marks)

14. Outline four features of direct production (4 Marks)

15. `Give four characteristics of land as a factor of production (4 Marks)

16. For each of the following production activities, indicate whether it is direct or indirect type of production

17. Name the rewards that the following factors of production are associated with (4 Marks)
a. Land:
b. Labour:.
c. Capital:.
d. Entreprenuership:

18. Outline four advantages of division of labour and specialization (4 Marks)

19. State four roles of entrepreneurs in Kenya. (4 Marks).

20. State three characteristics of entrepreneur (3 Marks)

21. State four sources of business ideas (4 Marks)

22. List five contents of a business plan (5 Marks)

23. State four functions of an office (4 Marks)

24. Name four characteristics of a good filing system (4 Marks)

25. List four disadvantages of a closed office layout (4 Marks)


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