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Form 1 English End of Term 3 Exam 2021

Class: Form 1

Subject: English

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 1 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

1. Imaginative composition (20 marks)
Write a story to illustrate the proverb, "Hurry hurry has no blessing."

2. Cloze Test. (10mks)
Fill in the blank spaces with the most appropriate words.

Kenya 1 ................. on the shores of the Indian Ocean.It is 2......... ....... by Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda 3.................... Tanzania.It is the economic 4.......... of East Africa.Kenya Enjoys one of the most enviable states of peace 5....................its neighbours.The country also 6.................. of a rich tourism menu; from the Lakelands , the Great Rift, the highmountains, the wild animals 7......................... the Wildebeest migration 8................ the Mara River.9.........................., it is also home 10 ....................... lions, elephants and rhinos.

3. Oral Poetry (10 marks)
Read the following oral poem and answer the questions that follow.
Ogun kills on the right and destroys on the right.
Ogun kills on the left and destroys on the left.
Ogun kills suddenly in the house and suddenly in the field.
Ogun kills the child with te iron with which it plays.
Ogun kills in silence.
Ogun kills the thief and the owner of the stolen goods.
Ogun kills the owner of the house, and paints the hearth with his blood.
Ogun is the forest god.
He gives all his clothes to the beggars.
He gives one to the woodcock - who dyes it in indigo.
He gives one to the coucal - who dyes it in camwood.
He gives one to the cattle egret - who leaves it white.
(From Yoruba Poetry (1970) , ed.Professor Ulli Beier)
i) Identify and explain three features of oral poetry present in the poem above. (6 marks)

ii) How would you perform the first line of the poem? ( 1 mark)

iii) Mention three things you may do to capture the attention of the audience before reciting this poem. (3 marks)

4. Comprehension (20 marks)
Read the following passage and then answer the questions that follow.
As we stand, the HIV/Aids pandemic is on the rampage; ravaging the young and the old alike. It is time for people to decide for themselves what is good and what is not. And the earlier they do this the better.
The youth, for instance, can rise up with the message of hope and assure everybody that it is possible for a remnant to remain by just abstaining from premarital sex. And how will they abstain if everywhere they look images of sex stare at them, beckoning alluringly?
The thing to remember is that it is their responsibility to censor the stuff that gets into their minds because this will definitely affect the kind of decisions and lifestyle they adopt. Before reading a pornographic book or magazine, they should pause and ask themselves, “Do I hope to become better after reading this? “The same consideration should be made before watching certain movies and listening to offensive music. Guarding one’s mind against trash requires laying down very clear principles. Discipline is imperative,
For young people, it is important to choose friends wisely. They should determine what they will be doing when they come together. If a friend is not building them up, or is causing them undue pressure, they should shun him or her. This pressure often takes the form of making those who choose to abstain from pre-marital or illicit sex inadequate.
Avoiding idleness is equally important. The wise say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. The solution is to get busy with constructive activities be they academic, economic, physical or spiritual. Trying out new hobbies such as gardening playing football, swimming, basket weaving, baking and volunteer work is a step in the right direction.
Parents must also take full responsibility of bringing up their children. They are the first counsellors of their children especially in the formative stages. Unless they do something in good time, they will cry alone when the disaster of teenage pregnancies, abortion and HIV/Aids happens right under their own roofs. The onus is upon them to freely discuss issues of sexuality with their children.
Teachers too have a very crucial role to play in the lives of their students. The youth spend a bigger percentage of their waking moments with their teachers. The teachers not only equip them with academic knowledge but also with the right attitudes and behaviour. And it is a good thing that sex education has been introduced in the school curriculum. Studies by AMREF have shown that, contrary to popular belief, sex education does not promote promiscuity. Rather it enlightens its recipient’s health issues.
Moreover, places of worship must pitch in with their contributions. They are in an excellent position of imparting the correct moral values to their adherents. Besides, they can provide social and religious activities that will build the youth up spiritually and mentally.
Finally, it is incumbent upon the government to put in place legislation governing what the citizens, especially the youth, are exposed to in the form of print or electronic media.
In conclusion, the future generation is keenly watching us to see if we will wreck or salvage the boat of their survival. Every member of our society has a part to play in enhancing morality. It is only by doing this that we can hope to check the onslaught of HIV/Aids.

a)Why is there need to make a decision soon? (2 mark)

b)Rewrite the following sentence in the past: (2 marks)
The youth, for instance, can rise up with the message of hope and assure everybody that it is possible for a remnant to remain by just abstaining from premarital sex

c)What is pornography and how do you think it influences one’s behavior. (2 marks)

d) Rewrite the following sentence in indirect speech ( 2 marks)
They should pause and ask themselves, “Do I hope to become better after reading this?”

e)Which words does the author use to show displeasure with some kinds of films and music? (3 marks)

f)What sort of friend does the author appear to recommend? (2 mark)

g)In note from, give evidence to show that every member of society has role to play in enhancing morality. (3 marks)

h) Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases as used in the passage. (4 marks)
i)beckoning alluringly


iii)incumbent upon

iv) onslaught

5.Oral skills. (20 Marks)
a) Read the following short story and answer the questions the follow.

A long time ago, the dog and the squirrel were friends. One time, the world was hit by one of the worst famines ever. There was no rain for years and all the rivers had dried up. " I am so hungry, let us go and eat our mothers, : suggested the dog panting hungrily." Yes , lets do it." replied the squirrel. Since they lived near each other, the squirrel hit gunny sacks in his home and told his mum to pretend that he was killing her," Uuuuuiiiii," she cried pretending. Ha! It is my turn now," said the dog and he rushed into his mother's house and killed her. Later when the dog had heard that squirrels mother was alive, he was infuriated and went to kill them. The squirrel and his mother ran and hid near a large tree. They have been living up at the tree ever since, always on the lookout for the dog.
i) Mention four things you would do to capture the attention of the audience before narrating this story? ( 4 marks)

ii) Eplain four ways you would employ to perform this narrative effectively? (4 marks)

iii) Identify one sound pattern employed in the narrative. ( 2 marks)

b)From the list below,circle the words in which letter H is silent. (5 marks)
Heir, Hope, Hour, Help, Heirless, Hollow, Honour, Horrific

c)Indicate which intonation you will use or the following sentences.( 5 marks)
i) Shut up!
ii) I want you to come here.
iii) What have you done?
iv)Let us go home.

6.Grammar (20 mks)
a) Complete each of the following sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets.
i)They ................ (moan) the lack of employment opportunities.
ii)Nelly's proposal was rejected because it was ....................(practical)
iii)The new police inspector does not receive bribes because he is ..................(corrupt)

b)Give the difference in meaning in the following sentences.
i) Ojwang must visit the doctor.

ii)Ojwang should visit the doctor.

c) Fill in the following blank spaces with suitable prepositions.
i) The bull charged .............. the herder.
ii)The modern day student's preference .............. leisure to working is worrying.
iii) Mr. Omote died ........ cancer
iv) Sheila was angry.................. her father for forcing her to do medicine.

d)Rewrite the following sentences correcting the error in each.
i)Jimmy said that he had met the president severally.

ii)The manager advices him to complete the payments in two weeks’ time.

iii)The teacher told him too stand infront of the class.

e) Rewrite each of the following sentences according to instructions in the brackets.
i)Today is the happiest day of my life said Angela I have been hired to work for safaricom.( Puntuate the sentences correctly)

ii) If it were not for their making many grammatical errors, they would have done better in the examination.( Begin : But....)

iii)She said she could not trust a nurse whose husband sells coffins. (Begin: A nurse ............)

f)Fill in each of the following spaces with an appropriate pronoun.
i)The rich man owns ........... of the houses in Kilimani
ii) Mureithi and .................. should leave immediately to get home before dusk.
iii)Let you and ................decide who will take good care of grandmother.
iv)Since she was the top student at KCSE, the school should give the award to no one else but .............

g)Add question tag to the following sentence.
i) I am right.


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