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 Form 1 Business Studies online lessons on the office

Duties of various office staff:duties of a general manager;

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Answer Text:
Duties of various office staff.
-Office staff refers to people who perform various duties in an organization.
-They are grouped into three categories:
a)Managerial staff
b)Supervisory staff
c)Subordinate staff
Managerial staff:
-refers to employees who formulate and implement
policies of the organization. E.g
-Company secretary
-Personal secretary
Duties of a general manager;
-Formulates the policies of the organization
-Oversees the implementation of the policies of the organization
-Conducting staff appraisals, interviews and reports
-Organising training for staff development
-Offers guide and direction to staff members
-Ensures budgets are adhered to by all members
-In charge of daily activities of the firm.