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 Form 1 Business Studies online lessons on the office

Advantages of open office layout.

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Answer Text:
Open plan office layout.
-This is an office consisting of a large room where all members of staff are accommodated.
e.g a staff room used in schools.
Advantages of open office layout.
-It discourages absenteeism , since late arrival and early departures from duty as one can easily be noted.
-There is an optimum use of resources as workers share resources and monitor each other to avoid misuse.
-Workflow is made easy since teams working on same tasks operate from same room.
-It is easier to communicate as most of employee can easily be located from the same room
-It improves on inter-personal relationships since they interact as they work leading to improved relationships.
-It is cheaper to maintain since few requirements may be needed.
-It facilitates easy supervision of workers as they are found under one roof.